How to create a small tagline for your yoga brand

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And and how intangible changes can return big tangible results in your small yoga business.

Yoga Brand Tagline

The challenge of changing course when you’re in charge of everything is… the challenge of changing everything

A big change can seem like the answer to a big problem. But a big  hange can also cause great uncertainties.

Without a change, this years results, could be same as last years results.

Some changes in business are more obvious and tangible, others completely intangible, yet so profound that it can make a difference between success and failure of your yoga brand, like creating your mission and vision, and then translating it into a single, concise tagline, or a slogan, that becomes your brand identity, part of the movement that attracts your customers.

Why is creating a small tagline so important anyways?

To start with, remember that the tagline is NOT just simple 2 words, you need to feel strongly that your chosen slogan represents your values and what you are trying to achieve through your service. That can take time, sometimes even weeks to come up with ideas that feels right for you, but it’s time well spend, as you see below. Once you identify, everything you create for your business through marketing should be part of that mission and commitment.

A client of mine, a yoga teacher based just at the outskirts of London, wanted to create a sense of new community through her yoga classes, it was important for her values to give back to the community by giving people an opportunity to enjoy vibrant health and empower their lives. So we based the entire tagline around that community spirit. In less than a year, her yoga classes has won major awards among local community. It was the ultimate reward for the commitment to her own mission. That is the power of small taglines and slogans, it should stand as a representative of your core values.

Next time you review your mission, vision and goals, or if it is the first time you are building your brand, think “holistically”, think of a bigger picture, who you are, what you are trying to achieve, what is the very reason for your brand to be, what is the story so far that has got to you where you are right now, what are you committed to create through your brand? Once you are clear, then you can start brainstorming and developing a tagline.

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