5 probably the most important questions to ask to attract more yoga clients

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Spring is the perfect time to try new things in yoga. Even if you are having one of those quiet days take your time to review, redesign and restructure your yoga business, craft a new plan to fill retreats or classes.

Here are 5 probably the most important questions you can ask today to help you attract more yoga clients for your next retreats.

1. Back to basics… What is your mission?
This question is not reserved for large companies only… but if you, a small yoga business owner don’t know what is the reason for being, how can anyone else be attracted to choose your yoga retreat over somebody else’s?

As you sit, reading your paper, drinking coffee or yogic tea, ask yourself…

  • What is your yoga studio’s reason for being?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you want to be known? A studio who is OK with OK service, classes and prices, or perhaps, cool, edgy, trendy 21st century yoga studio?

2. Who is your yoga customer?
We had a customer the other week, when asked who her target customers were, she said everybody who needs yoga… well, while this is true, it pays to identify certain group of individuals your yoga business is more likely to attract… Then ask a question…

  • Where do these people hangout?
  • And, how can I reach them?

Understanding your target audience will make it so much easier to reach and market to them direct.

3. What does your yoga customer value?
Look, it’s a lot easier to talk about what you value, but what about your customers?
For example, if your target audience is women between the ages of 35 and 55, what do they value? And I don’t mean a healthy body. For example, when coffee shops revolutionized Britain, they did not really sell coffee, they sold community spirit, and of course while your primary job is to offer great yoga classes, look beyond, what is it your customers value and tap into it!

4. What are the unique benefits and features that your studio offers?
Once a client told us, “have studied yoga with a guru in India”… now most people have studied in some ashram or with a guru in India, I have not met any yoga teacher who did not, so if you think you are unique because you studied in India, think again. For example, your skills are your tools, benefits are healthy mind, healthy body… more specific, better.

5. What is your plan?

  • How are you planning to market your studio, retreats, classes?
  • What are the objectives that you must meet in order to achieve the above?
  • Have you identified the best tools for your yoga marketing?
  • Do you have the strategy in place of getting new yoga customers?
  • What are your financial goals?

Another client told us… “I can’t spend money on online marketing, I only generate 20% of sale through my yoga website”… that is interesting, because the truth is, marketing when done correctly is designed to multiply your investments, so your earnings could go from 20% to 40% and beyond.

Go ahead, do some brainstorming today, and if you feel stuck, ask for help.
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To your yoga business success
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy

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