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Ever since Haddon Sundblom drafted an image of Santa drinking coke in 1931, and later famous Coca-Cola TV commercial of “holidays coming” every year, in many countries, in many different languages, we’ve all waited for THE train to appear through evergreen woods, snow white mountains, and festive lights streets, have not we? and we don’t even mind cola’s “not so pure” taste.

And why should we mind when Coke for over 80 years gave us licence to officially start enjoying THAT time of year – Christmas.

Cola ingredients set aside, what can Coca-Cola teach us about advertising yoga brand?

Here’s 6 key trends to help you identify how you can enhance your yoga brand and bring smile to your customers face this Christmas.

1. Advertise yoga business… and stay down to earth
In today’s economic climate, whilst most families are cutting back on extra treats, be down to earth and stay on customers side. Offer something of a real value, and use overall Christmas cheers in your advantage, here’s how, Whilst big companies… with big budgets are spending little fortune putting glam and famous in front of Christmas ad, instead of staying in the shadow, stand on giants shoulders – big brands already are promoting Christmas for you, putting consumers in the buying mode, all you have to do is, step in the conversation and put your offer on your customers table, and since you know best your customers, think of an offer they would absolutely love to have from you.

2. Glam up
Showcase your offer with a little festive edge. It pays to make extra effort to support overall festive mood with glitzy touches. If you have a yoga studio, light it up, even go over the top with extra shine and pride, it puts smile on people’s faces. If you always reach customers via world wide web, put an extra festive feel to it.

3. Care
Above all, consumers want to know you are there for them. Young or old, single or families, customers need to feel they’ve been cared for and it’s all about “YOU”… “my yoga teacher is here for “ME” can be comforting.

4. Current
Updated version yes, change of theme no. Think Coca-Cola, Santa’s ads are becoming current, as people continue using smartphones and latest gadgets, without altering the root of the advertising theme. Consumers need to relate to something they do, or use on a daily bases, besides having a current, adding a fresh new spin is exciting and appealing, so putting an extra thought in the next yoga advertising is important for engaging your audience.

5. Emotion
Big brands are getting it right, putting emotions in ads… moms cooking, families laughing, parents giving presents… so put emotions in your yoga product, or yoga classes, don’t just promote a gift voucher, let people “give a little more love” this season.

6. Community
Community matters, and even so for smaller brands, give back to community, and engage your customers, for example, if you are selling a gift box for $10, send $1 to your chosen charity, or put it back into community project, or hold a charity event or a yoga class. Number is not that important, what matters is the feeling of giving and doing something good for the community. It bonds people together.

Yours in Festive spirit
Tamara Machavariani,
Work With Yoga Business Academy

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