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“I just wanted to say thank you for your work, if it was not for your books I would not be able to grow my business”, I felt humbled addressing an old man, whom I had a privilege to briefly meet around 3 years ago whilst still living in London.

The old man, who was wearing a signature camouflage T-Shirt smiled at me and replied in his vintage American accent “thank you for saying kind words about my work”.

Jay Conrad Levinson – a brilliant man, genius mind and a godfather of Guerrilla marketing.

Jay Levinson – I still have his book on my work desk and refer to it every single time I am in need of marketing ideas, new ways of growing business or planning next marketing campaign for my own success or for the success of our clients.

He made marketing fun (something small yoga business don’t think of marketing being fun), easy, inexpensive and gave every small ordinary business owner the ability to achieve extraordinary results. His legacy will last for the generations to come. Mr. Levinson is a testimony how one man, and one idea can transform lives of millions across the world.

Thank you for sharing your work, inspirations and the genius, may your soul rest in peace.
One grateful student of your genius work

Tamara Machavariani

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