From “conscious capitalism”, to inspiring spaces, books to read and why we need more yoga entrepreneurs

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Today is mid-January, which means it’s that time of the year when the New Year’s resolutions start to fade, and the routine takes place, so if you need some inspirations, or something to help you sparkle creative thinking, I’d like to share handful of books & talks that come to my mind right now.

Personally I prefer capitalism, maybe it’s because I was born in the communism, but if you like Whole-Foods, you will probably enjoy Conscious Capitalism, by the Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market.

Garance Dore has been a welcome source of inspiration, from ” Love x Style x Life“,  I have rediscovered how to look cool in white jeans & Chelsea boots. But beyond style, love the down to earth approach to doing things well.

Doing things well is really important, and not making a big deal out of it is even more so.

If you read John Caples “How to Make Your Advertising Make Money“, you will improve sales.

(I don’t really have the links to send you just check those books on Amazon or Ebay.)

I went to attend the performance art by Marina Abramovic in London, so glad I did. “The artist is present” is my favorite documentary about her work (you can watch on Youtube),
but if you want more of a 10 minutes inspiration, there is a short talk on Ted called ” An art made of trust, vulnerability and connection

Creating Yoga Business Academy happened in the interesting period. Especially after the worldwide financial crises we have seen the spring of new independent businesses, and a whole new wave of yoga entrepreneurs who seem to be in tune with themselves and choose to live the life according to their own calling rather than being confined by the convention of the corporate world and other people’s expectations.

To read a brief summary of our quiet manifesto, why we think Teaching yoga is a serious business and the importance of inspiring “spaces” read them summarized under ” A little history of YBA manifesto” (it is a longish page, so that section is to the end).

That’s it for now.

Stay safe, stay inspired


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