You’ve got a mail

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You’ve got a mail!

Everybody loves recieving personal old fashioned letters from someone they know and like.
And hardly ever anyone says no to a reall good offer too!


It has been proven (based on ongoing testing and measuring) that is it 7 times easier AND cheaper to keep old clients.

Mathematically speaking, if it costs you $700 to get new clients in, it will cost you $70 to keep old clients in (you save $630).

So it makes sense to make a resonable effort to keep old clients.

“What do I exactly say to keep clients?”

I’ve decided to share with you sample letter templates below you can use it as your own and couple of steps you need to take to keep clients in.

They are abstract samples from our revolutionary Get Clients Keep Clients manual, enjoy.

Don’t hope for the best. It always helps to plan your marketing

Don’t make it harder than it is

Always keep data of your new clients, including physical addresses where possible.

Buy some cheap envilopes, 2nd class stemps and handwrite addresses if you can, or ask your receptionist to do it for you. (Yah, handwrite and second class stamps, it looks more personal).

Post the letter, obviously, and include your irresistable offer inside. Here are some suggested smaple letters for you as promised.


Yoga Marketing Sample Letters

Happy Client reconnection
Tamara Machavariani
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