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“When the service is rendered, payment is due”.
I’ve just had a chat to one of my yoga teacher clients. These are her words:
“I’ve just raised my one-to-one yoga fees to £100 and I am overbooked.”

What a change, considering that only a few months ago, the same yoga teacher was charging £50 an hour for a private yoga class and had hardly any clients taking up for an offer!

What happened?
It’s simple!
Charging Fair Exchange for your services.

Sounds obvious, yet 98% of independent teachers and therapists repeat same mistake of not valueing own services fairly.

I can understand where it’s all might be coming from. Often we are not taught, or even brought up to talk about how much we should be valuing our time and expertese per hour, so it becomes a topic we’d rather avoid.

The truth however is, your clients are looking for solutions to their problems and are happy to pay the price. After all is not it what you do?

Have you ever been in a situation in your yoga business or therapy practice, like I have been in the past, when you knew you  undervalued your service and as a result ended up resenting a client?

You probably are also aware that despite of your love to teaching yoga, or healing people, that resentment creates negative energy, and your clients sooner or later pick up?

So let go of your fear of charging fair exchange and attract the right clients who are happy to pay for the solutions you offer, just like my yoga client did.

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