How to set up free yoga referral program in 7 easy steps:

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The fact is most yoga businesses rely almost exclusively on yoga referrals to get more students (or “word of mouth”), so since this is where already money is, it just makes sense to make the most of this “internal yoga marketing”, vs solely relying on external expensive advertising, do you agree?

The problem is, rarely yoga businesses (yoga studios, yoga teachers) take time to put a formal referral system into place.

I can’t guarantee that you will increase your client base 4 folds or 10, but I do guarantee that having an organized referral will increase your client base.

Use the following easy 7 Steps as a guide to develop professional yoga referral system and increase your studio income.

STEP ONE: Identify your ideal prospects
Ask yourself where demographics (age, gender, location etc)

STEP TWO: Who can refer these prospects to you?
Existing students, clients, competitors, employees, friends, associations, professional bodies, publications etc.

STEP THREE: Name of program
Giving a name instantly creates professional image, people want to deal with your business.

STEP FOUR: What rewards can yo offer?
This may vary from industry to industry, incentive can be financial or otherwise. Just make sure its good enough to motivate people who promote YOUR business.

STEP FIVE: How can you track?
Offline or online?

yoga referralsIf you have a website, then tracking is easy. There are number of professional online affiliate tracking system. Depending on the volume, you may justify and pay $100 a month or $30. Most would give a free or a low cost trial access to the service. I personally use Post Affiliate Pro, which is Free up until 10 affiliates. You can easily set up the tracking system, no technical skills required, easy like sending an email.

If you are using paper forms, make sure you create some form of tracking, either “referred by name” or a particular word referred clients can use. Sooner or later it is a highly advisable to create online presence.

STEP SIX: How can you promote your referal program (refer to chapter 9 in Yoga Teacher Marketing Course (chapter 9) for step by step guide how to employee 100s of affiliates easy). Make it easy for your affiliates to promote your products: Create ready email promotions, e-newsletters, graphic banners, etc

STEP SEVEN: Continuous motivation. Always reward your best affiliates with special offers and give even greater incentive to keep them motivated to promote your business.

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