Five new habits of effective yoga studio marketing

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Are you getting the maximum value from your yoga studio?

With over 40 million yoga studios in Google search and growing, how do you make sure your studio stand out among the competition?

Here are 5 new habits you can focus on this year.

Habit 1 : Put your customers in charge
Think like your prospects and customers. Start by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes — how would they organize your studio marketing efforts? For example, your customers would make it easy to use and easy to find everything they need quickly online. Is your website doing that now? They would also want to clearly understand what your yoga offers that is far more appealing than your competitors? They would want to know how to get in touch with you, and have just enough information to pick up a phone and call If not, it’s time to start listening and responding to your customers’ and prospects needs. Then optimize the structure, content, studio advertising copy and tools on your site, brochure, flyer etc to help customers achieve their goals.

By doing this, you’ll create more loyal customers and repeat business, plus you can lower support costs.

Habit 2: Link customer experience to your studio business goals
As I pass every week Manchester City Club, I could not help but wonder how a football club creates their raving fans… and notice how Manchester City Football Club uses simple media and images anyone can do to enhance fans experience by creating more fun, user friendly web-site, for example, they are giving fans opportunity to actually see the view from the seat they are considering before they purchase the ticket. The result? Manchester City sells more tickets and fans look forward to the on-field experience.

What does football club have to do with yoga? A lot! Both serve raving fans!

As you link your business goals to delighting your customers, not only you will increase chances of getting higher number of new customers, but you’ll also lower your cost of marketing, as you’ll keep customers coming back again and again, which increases lifetime customer value.

Habit 3: Be honest about what is not working
Noone wakes up in the morning and says “I hope today I will fail”. But it’s how you handle it that can turn failures into opportunities. So focus on areas that is not working as well as it should be, for example, maybe your receptionist needs to sharpen his/her customer skills, or ability to sell more classes, workshops and/or products. Maybe you need to improve your direct marketing flyers to increase number of new inquiries, or check the health of your Google positioning.

Habit 4: Create ongoing dialogue with your customers
Statement does what it says on tin…

Develop, or review ways you interact with your customers. For example, add sharing buttons can increase your brand leverage among your customers friends and friends of friends.

Think long-term… build a community not just another studio business.

Habit 5: Be the best
Make a point to be the best in whatever you are involved in. For example make a point to become number one choice yoga studio or teacher in your community. By committing to becoming the best you can be, you’ll be surprised how many new habits you will need to mold and re-create to really become that number one.

That can be for example offering different experience to your students, or writing one health article every week, or sharpening your marketing skills…

Hitting your targets and business goals is a result of your commitment to be the best and deliver the best value to your customers… cliche? maybe, but it works, give it a try and watch what happens.

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Tamara Machavariani

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