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When Lara told me after initial consultation “wow, from having no idea to having a total clarity” I was not too convinced it was time for celebrations.

A few weeks, (some frustrations) and questions of “will it work?” later Lara’s first ever spiritual workshop is full and happening. Clients in the room, cash in the bank!

Lara recently invested just over $900 in our marketing consultations.

Sounds a lot, does not it?

But Lara’s business also generated £2000 worth of sales in revenue in just a few weeks time (more than doubling investment), plus has a solid business foundation to grow.
And that’s a happy end 🙂

So, what was the initial challenge?

It was time to take a new direction in the business. When Lara first approached us, she was honest “I have no clue how to market, can you help?”

The main challenge was how to present her business idea to attract the right audience.

We spent quite a bit of time brainstorming how to form and take her new spiritual workshops business idea to the marketplace.

As the momentum started to grow results showed! The first ever Workshop is full, 6 clients and £2000 worth of sales, business taking off the ground, and a solid clarity how to strengthen and grow the business she feels so passionate about!

What helped?

Although we used a few strategies to help manifest Lara’s business reality, ultimately it was all about making a decision to just do it, seeking professional advice where needed and taking action despite of uncertainties.

Result speaks for itself does not it?

There are over 100 strategies to get your business to the market fast, but it will be wise to use “This strategy over That strategy”, and its a fact! Good consultant who understands your market will be able to advice the best option for your business.

To your success
Tamara Machavariani

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