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Any Yoga business can succeed from standing start I’d like to share this with you.

How Did One Client Go From New start-up Yoga Business To Not Enough Hours In The Day …
Liz is a housewife, look after their kids, looks after the business and is loving the new direction, new energy at home.
Aaron is the director and head yoga teacher who was working full-time in the world of 9to5. He’d had enough!

They decided to pursue Aarons passion for yoga and create a business with it.
This meant their new yoga business had to succeed fast during the change.

It had to pay for their lifestyle, pay for their home, pay for their bills, pay for their new studio, and of course kids cost a lot of money. I believed they could do it. Why not this is a proven blueprint for business, yoga business.

So here is an email they have just sent me just 2 months after setting up their new life and business venture.

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would!

With the website alone our inquiries have increased exponentially with the result that classes are filling up fast.We are taking workshop bookings, have 2 overseas workshop inquiries, one booked another being organized now and have been approached for classes by a new yoga studio.

I look after the girls during the day, then when they are in bed I work on emails, website updates, facebook and workshops events whilst Aaron goes out teaching yoga!

And all this and I haven’t even done all the SEO optimizing techniques that you have taught us.  Aaron is Bloging though and I love how easy these are for me to post and complete the SEO details increasing the ranking of our website.

It feels extremely exciting to be so busy with our own business, we are grateful for your help in creating a beautiful looking BLOG friendly professional website.  I know there is much more for us to learn but I’m sure we made the right decision choosing YBA to help launch our business…”

Let me tell you what we did here.

Consulted tactics and strategies.
Created a new perception for their business.
Created their brand new website (
Put the website to page one in all search engines.
Supported and guided them through their life change.

I knew they could do it because when you use proven skills and blueprints … anyone can, you can.

I hope you enjoyed their short update.
I’d love you to share their results.
It cost them less than you’d think.

Would you like me to give you a 15 minute evaluation over the phone right now?
I’ve blocked out my afternoon to handle the surge in calls, I’ll be waiting to here from you anytime from now.

Here’s our number.

I’m looking forward to guiding you to the same results that Aaron and Liz have and are enjoying.

Lots of Yogi love.

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