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Yoga Teacher Marketing

Yoga Teacher Marketing Guide

And Here’s The Great News…

You DON’T Need Online Business Experience
You DON’T Need To Be A “Technical Genius”
You DON’T Even Need To Have A Website!

From the Desk of: Tamara Machavariani, direct from Yoga Business Academy for Yoga Teacher Marketing, London UK.

Dear Yoga Teacher, I bet you’ve heard this phrase a hundred times…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

But let me give it to you straight… This statement is NOT TRUE in today’s yoga market. Because in these times of economic downturn, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get LESS than you’ve always got! You need to do something radically different if you’re going to increase your business in 2011. And, there’s one approach to business that continues to thrive during this “recession”.

Internet Marketing

Let me get right to the point!
Did you know that whilst most businesses (including yoga) are seeing a dramatic drop in sales, online sales are actually still INCREASING? So completely missing where the clients (and the money) is at!

With the credit crunch now biting hard, many students drop out of yoga classes,it is getting harder to fill out workshops and retreatsand Yoga Teachers are struggling just to make ends meet.

The main reason for this is that they have an out-dated business model. They’re working hard for average pay, and exchanging their time for money, wasting money in expensive paper or online ads.

What’s really sad, is the main reason people become yoga teachers in the first place is to help people. But they’re not helping anyone! (least of all themselves)

But here’s the news…
Some yoga teachers (including those listed below) have actually seen an increase in their yoga business over the last 12 months! So if you’re truly serious, it makes sense… you would want to be mentored by the best…

And I don’t mean people who are just doing “O.K” I Mean People Who Already Discovered Secrets how to ethically make their yoga business make more money, but here’s the problem, though…

Mentoring of this calibre can cost thousands of pounds per day!

….And besides… not every studio owner is willing to give away their secrets!

So what I’ve got for you here really is a phenomenal opportunity…

All my past 12 months research, experience of increasing yoga businesses selectively packed in ONE easy to follow STEP BY STEP guide.


The Internet Marketing works in Yoga Business…<if you know exactly how to use it.

And not everything is applicable you hear from the “Internet gurus” to yoga business (although most would try to convince you otherwise)! But the great news is if you follow those simple step by step guide with yogic patience Internet Marketing will work wonders in your yoga business.

Before I go any further, let me say this…

If you’re not using the power of the internet to market your business, you’re leaving most business (and clients) on the table!

And even if you don’t think you understand the internet, or it’s just for “techies”… FEAR NOT… it’s MUCH simpler than you might think!

This exclusive 10-Day Course, I am going to give you has everything you need to build a modern yoga business online, from scratch!

Let Me Prove It To You…

In order to have a successful yoga online business presence all you need to do is four simple things:

STEP ONE: Create a product or service that people want
STEP TWO: Build a website
STEP THREE: Drive high-quality traffic to that website
STEP FOUR: Make sales!

That’s it! You do those four things, and you cannot fail to make money online and attract right prospects.

And the great news is – it costs next to nothing to get started!

I hear it now “If it is so easy, then why is it not working for everyone? I already have a website, but it does not really get enough visitors, how can it bring a sale? Does it mean I have hire an SEO specialist and get ripped off?

98% of yoga online presence and websites are built with little (if any) planning at all, no wonder things happen by happenstance!

AND having a website is not Internet Marketing! If you are not happy with sale, (or feel overworked and burnt out) than your model is simply outdated!

For the first time with How to get Avalanche of Yoga Clients thanks to Free Internet Marketing

I am going to show you exactly how to execute this four-step process and start reaping the benefits immediately all from the comfort of your own home, or studio.

This Special Yoga Teacher Marketing Homestudy Course Has Been Designed Specifically For:

  • Yoga Teachers who want to create a highly profitable revenue stream that reaps MASSIVE rewards for their expertise
  • Studio Owners who want to do more than just swap dollars for hours… and who want to create streams of new passive income
  • Therapists, healers, instructors who want to generate more qualified leads for their businesses, while also increasing sales and revenue
  • Anyone who wants to reach, influence and change the lives of people worldwide using the internet — and get justly rewarded for the difference they make
  • Yoga Business Owners who have a line of products created… and now want a better and more profitable way to sell
  • Yoga Teachers who want to expand their influence and find moreclients

Internet Marketing Model for Yoga is for you if:

  • You already have an existing offline yoga business or are an independent yoga teacher
  • You are ready to take a step forward and get yoga business on the right track
  • You are just starting out teaching or opening your own studio
  • You are already running successful yoga business but would like to learn new ways how to generate more money every month
  • You are determined to develop the business side of running a studio. Know there’s a right way to do it and are determined to learn how!
  • You wish to inspire more and more every day, have a sense of fulfilment and happiness, and stop worrying about finances forever then you are ready for this program.

Dozens of Yoga Teachers Like You Can’t be Wrong!

“Tamara fantastic!
Exactly what I need right now! I have a website, but did not know how to optimise…I can confirm I get a very good response from clients…look forward to put all tips in practice!”

Vesna Flo
Qi Trainer and Energy Healer

“Hi Tamara
Just wanted to let you know I have applied the strategies you taught me for my website to increase ranking in Google… which gave me new paying customers for my yoga retreats.

I also started to earn money through a website which I have never thought it possible before

Margherita Dal Pra

“Hi Tamara
Your book is very interesting and helpful.
At present I am changing gear so to speak with my teaching and therapy as I intend to teach one day workshops rather than evening classes, so I am slowly digesting what you say in the book and making plans. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

best regards,

“Dear Tamara,
Thank you again for yesterday.
I came away from our session with a really clear sense of the next small but fundamental next steps I need to take for my yoga business to develop on track. Thank you for your clarity and expertise, and for your commitment to helping me, not least of which being the extra time you spent, which I hadn’t expected, and which I certainly felt made all the difference to me leaving with something concrete.

sincere thanks again!

“Hi Tamara,
Wanted to say thanks for a great seminar, it was really well presented, there were some interesting people and I came away with lots of enthusiasm!


I’ve really enjoyed your seminars and feel they offer tons of helpful advice.


a very big thank you again for Sunday Seminar. It was AMAZING. I now have lots to do!”


Dear Marketing Mentor Tamara,
I thought you would be pleased to see how far my friend Gemma Hannah has gone with your teachings since she attended your workshop at Amrita TTC. I too am following in Gemma’s footsteps, Thanks so much Tamara!”


“Hi Tamara,
Thanks for the workshop yesterday, I learnt a lot and will certainly want to take it further ie some of your other workshops. It inspired me

Once again, thank you so much.


“Hi Tamara,
Just wanted to say thank you for Sunday – very inspiring! and much appreciated

Thank you.
(our new site will be online by Christmas with our new audios (yoga classes, meditations, music, online courses etc) so your lecture was VERY timely.”


“It been a great guide,
I have just started of the process of starting my business

Thank you!”
~ Mandy~

“Dear Tamara
I appreciated last Sunday’s seminar as I had not thought of Internet marketing in the way you mentioned. This year I have spent money on postcards which I delivered through people’s doors and also on an advert with So far nothing has come from this (rather ill-thought out) marketing technique. I was impressed when you said you must know you are guaranteed a return

Anyway, good luck with everything and thanks again Yours in yoga”


Everything you have given so far is extremely valuable and helpful. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. “Giselle Toner

Power Fusion Courses

“OK — How Much Does It Cost?”

If you visit my website right now you will see that this homestudy has always been sold for $97 and never below $47.

When you bear in mind the amount of knowledge you’ll be gaining, the financial reward you’ll incur when you apply these proven methods to your business… I think it’s EASILY worth $1,000+ to have access to the materials of this unique content.

But the good news is, you don’t have to pay $1,000! You don’t even have to pay $500! The retail price for this 81 Page eBook set will be in the region of $97 — $197, BUT Wait!

(Offer strictly limited, read below!)

I often get emails, from people who say things like ‘Tamara I really need your stuff because I don’t have any clients, but I just cant afford it’, and until now my response has always been ‘Then you can’t afford NOT to have this product!’, but today I’m trying something that I’ve never seen anyone do before…

I’m extremely reluctant to give the product away for a low price to everyone, because it’s quite simply one of the best content I’ve ever produced and is worth literally thousands of pounds per year to anyone who applies even just 10% of the material to their business. So here’s what I’ve decided to do…

Instead of the usual ‘this would normally be $197, it’s not even going to be £47, but for now its just $47. For the next 5 days I’m practicing the ‘Rule of 5′ ***IMPORTANT — PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!***

From today The Yoga Marketing Course for Yoga Teachers is on sale, but instead of the regular price of £197, it will cost you just $47…

THAT IS NOT A TYPO! The entire 10 days worth of life transforming information for just £17!!! BUT

As soon as 5 people have bought it, the price will go up to $57, then after another 5 — $67, then $77, and so on and so on until the price reaches the regular price of $97.

So the quicker you move the less you pay!

The present version of “How to Get an Avalanche of Yoga Clients Homestudy Course” is enriched with practical materials and proven step by step guide how to make Free Internet Marketing bring you more income in the field of yoga <PLUS a basket of fabulous Special Gifts as BONUS. Here is a list of what you’ll get as BONUS:

BONUS #1“How to Monetize Your Yoga Website”

In this eBook I am sharing How to Make More Money Passively, the book itself is valued at $27

BONUS #2“How to Save Money when Using Paid Advertisement!”

This special report contains the best advice from marketing gurus, which I have been compiling in the last few months.

Value $27

You Must Act Immediately To claim your copy of The Yoga Marketing Homestudy Course, click the link below

And Here’s The Best Part…

With My “ 100% Money Back Guarantee” You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing To Lose!

Yoga Business Products

I’m so sure you’ll absolutely love the Yoga Marketing Homestudy Course for Yoga Teachers, that I’m offering a completely unheard of 100% money-back guarantee! So if you’re not totally satisfied with the course at any time in the first 90 days, just let us know via email to and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Furthermore… If you apply the skills taught to you in this special home study course, and you don’t see an increase in business income of at least 10 times what you paid within 365 days of attending, simply contact us and I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back!

So if you’re really serious about earning income you deserve from your Yoga business and you don’t own this exclusive Course – you’re really missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

You Must Act Immediately to Get The Best Price

To claim your copy of The Guide to Yoga Teacher Marketing Homestudy Course, click the link below

Warmest Regards,
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy

PS #1: Remember, with my ‘DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee’ if you apply the strategies we give to you, and you don’t get ten times what you invest to get the course over the next 90 days I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back!

PS#2: What else would you do for $47? this is what you would pay for the modest lunch

PS#3: If not now, then when? NOW is the time to make 2011 your most successful business year.


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