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Yoga Messenger: Ready-to Evolve-Yoga Business

12 Weeks Guided Consulting

The Ultimate guided consulting to evolve yoga classes, workshops, retreats, holistic services.

Who is this for: For Yoga Studios; Start Ups, Independent Yoga Teachers, aspiring teachers, teacher training schools, pop-up yoga brands, holistic entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to become a yoga messenger to the world while earning a great living sharing yoga & holistic services.

Duration: 12 – weeks

Where: YBA HQ in Hale, Cheshire (optional); Skype/phone; email and phone support

Price: £2,995 instalments available at 3 equal monthly payments of £995

Practical outcome: Easily build students; grow and evolve yoga & therapy rooms; deepen the bond between your yoga and students, have your yoga retreat places booked up.

This is a one to one guided consulting where you will have expert guidance for 12 weeks (3 months) to build and grow a strong yoga and/or therapy business. 

Prerequisite: No previous business experience is required, time, passion and the desire to build a strong small business community.

Yoga Business Academy is an independent training and consulting school for yoga teachers, studio owners and holistic practitioners based in Hale, South Manchester, Cheshire, United Kingdom.



Yoga Messenger program gives you the ability to share & spread the word about yoga while earning a great living teaching what you love. Giving you the practical abilities to grow yoga students, fill yoga retreats, sell out workshops and always have bums on mats.

A bespoke program to help you become a better, stronger, more powerful Yoga Messenger within your community. This guided consulting is designed to ensure that everyone that should know within your community knows you are there and ready to help them live a better life through yoga and holistic services.

As an independent teacher/therapist it can be challenging and disheartening to have yoga retreats cancelled, or only a handful of students turn up in the class. We understand that yoga rooms need to be paid for and deposits to host retreats must be paid for. Often lack of students is the result of not having the definitive guide how to get busy.

The Yoga Messenger will give you the skills, tools and easy to follow system to eliminate empty yoga rooms problems. And if you are already busy it will help you grow your classes, retreats and training business even more.


During the 12 weeks, you will be guided into…

  • How creating a clear vision, mission and goals can help you achieve your dreams of running a healthy small holistic business
  • How building an easy system helps you easily grow yoga students (without being pushy)
  • Why having a studio marketing/promotional guide will help you easily put your classes and/or studio in front of potential students
  • Why having a strong yoga brand positioning is vital in the growing competition (even for an independent teacher & a therapist)
  • How understanding of the gentle art of growing students will transform the way you attract clients
  • Why measuring everything means more clients, more students and more income
  • Soft marketing that works for yoga
  • How In-studio promotions generates clients without spending a penny (this is not what you think)
  • How having a student lead generation system can bring you floods of new student enquiries (even those who never thought of yoga will be quing up!)
  • Why having client promotions systems means never have to worry about empty yoga rooms
  • How using student follow up systems keeps yoga rooms busy even in quiet months
  • Why create yoga advertising that actually works is critical to the business vitality

To be a successful small yoga business owner you must have the tools to share & evolve business

By the end of the 12 weeks you will have the essential tools you can use in business, such as:

  • Effective online marketing campaigns you can easily use.
  • Effective social media campaigns you can use (this is not social media marketing as you know it).
  • Yoga flyer pack that are proven to work in yoga, these yoga promotional templates will pull new students over and over.
  • Done for you promotional letters  that will pull back clients
  • Review, critique and help you adjust the website so it works for you, in other words, brings you the clients
  • Complete pack of marketing package materials that you will need to use in practice to easily grow your business.

In addition

  • I will be always available to answer any of your questions
  • Hands on marketing in alignment to your core values will help you get things done faster, easier and without frustrations
  • Weekly brainstorming sessions about your business health will make sure you are on track of the progress
  • Weekly detailed reports will help you work on your business essentials
  • Results overview, goal setting and step by step guide how to achieve your dreams is easier with proven and tested methods.
  • Everything we show has been tested and proven to work in yoga

At the end of the Yoga Messenger program you will be equipped with vital tools to ensure…

  • No More Empty Yoga Mats
  • No More Cancelled Retreats
  • No More Quiet Studios
  • Filled Studios
  • Filled Retreats
  • More teaching, less admin

Bottom-Line the Yoga Messenger is Designed to Show You How To Fill ANY Retreat – Anywhere – Anytime!


  • The initial consulting will take place either face to face if you are able to meet us at our Studio space or via Skype/Phone. The initial consultations takes around 90 minutes.
  • We will meet every week, either face to face in our Yoga Business Academy Studio Space or via Skype/Telephone for 60 minutes.
  • Every week you will be given clear and step by step instructions what to do in order to grow student numbers, create easy to follow marketing systems, fill yoga rooms, retreat places, goal and vision setting, track and measure the progress.
  • Everything is bespoke and each session will be taylored to suit your individual business needs.
  • At the end of each session you will get a detailed written summary of your weekly tasks which is easy to follow and apply.
  • Every week you will be guided to create targeted, gentle yoga promotions, structure pricing plans so that you can become a highly paid yoga teacher and / or therapist, create different cash generating projects, and become confident at marketing and running your own small business.
  • First 8 weeks are more intense and hands on support, followed by next 4 weeks of full and complete support as you become more confident in your own marketing.


You will have questions during the week. You can email or call us ANY time of the day. We will be next to you every step of the way.

You are never alone. Every week we will review your materials, help you tweak, create and structure your marketing materials. This is a very hands-on program. Like having your own marketing team behind you.


Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith is the founder of Yoga Business Academy and has been leading the workshops and seminars in the UK since 2009 showing yoga teachers like you how to get busy and increase income teaching yoga, as well as regularly hosting online training programs for yoga teachers who are looking for newer ways of growing businesses. She has worked with yoga teachers from various parts of the world, UK, USA, Australia, Indonesia, India, Austria, Switzerland and more. She has been a contributing expert on the business of yoga and have been featured in the BBC4 program, Yoga&Health Magazines.

Outside yoga industry, she has been teaching the art of growing clients across various industries sectors from beauty wellness to corporate and small business world, delivering real growth results for her clients.

In 2016 Yoga Business Academy has moved into a new, dedicated business of yoga training Studio Space in Hale, South Manchester.

Tamara has a MSc in Information Management and Finance; as well as Masters in European Languages & Culture; She had been working in the City of London for over 5 years prior to founding Yoga Business Academy.


INVESTMENT&FEES: 12 weeks guided consulting £2,995. Installments available £995 x 3 months, please ask.

If you have decided and know you want to join us email to arrange an interview or fill out enquiry form CLICK HERE.

Work With Yoga Business Academy Are Interview Based.

Simply this means that once you fill out the form I will contact you, arrange a time and date for us to speak, we will talk and if we both feel we are right for each other, we can go ahead, make a payment and make start.


You will have covered these core abilities within 12 weeks of Yoga Messenger program:

  • Become confident at sharing your skills, passion and knowledge
  • A clear system that builds students
  • Ability to increase student and client numbers by at least 25%
  • Ability to always have busy rooms
  • Always have retreats fully booked
  • Spend more time on your own yoga
  • Enjoy more of what you do


I know you will have a questions or two. Here are different ways to contact us:

Call/Text us on 07725103966

Email/complete a questionnaire from the  contact page 

Drop-ins on Wednesdays (From 1st of May). You can now visit our Yoga Business Academy Studio Space at 2nd Floor, 213 Ashley rd, Hale, Cheshire.

Open hours from 10AM till 4PM

Strictly NO appointments.

We look forward to hearing from you

Yoga Business Academy

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith


“Why Yoga Messenger, what’s the story behind?”

Some years ago while still living in Georgia I first heard about something called YOGA. In fact is was around 1999, my mum had a Yoga book so I would try a few moves at home.

I had no real idea what Yoga (thought it was just about stretching) was about but had enough idea to know I would like to go and practice it more.

So later in life I moved and settled in London. Whilst in London I excitedly decided to take my very first Yoga class. It was a small group but big enough for me to get into the understanding of what Yoga actually was.

Eventually I settled on a dynamic style that suited me.
I have to say. It changed my own body, it changed my way of thinking, it made me calm and gave me all of the usual benefits of Yoga. I fell in love with Yoga, I was addicted, hooked and definitely in the flow.

I Started To Notice Patterns In Yoga Classes.

Over time I tried a few classes but kept going back to the one I loved the most for these reasons.

I like the room to be busy. It creates a great atmosphere, good vibrations and great energy for everyone.

I like the teacher to be confident, sure and professional. This gives me confidence to know I am in safe hands.

I like the class to have other people in there that are of a similar mind-set to myself as this gives me more confidence to carry on doing Yoga. Clearly all classes are not the same!

So then I had a move from London to Manchester, UK and then had to find a brand new Yoga class and Yoga teacher.

Here’s what I found. And what I found, some might sound familiar. Some might sound commonplace. Some are hard to believe.

One of the first Yoga classes myself and my partner went to was cancelled due to NO pre-bookings (although her website said you could simply turn up). After waiting for 20 minutes with no one there we rang her. She told us her class had been cancelled due to no bookings. She never even turned up on the night to let us know. The room was a private room that had been paid in advance by her and … clearly not used by her. It seemed crazy!

Another yoga class we went to was in a room that would easily take 100 students at our local gym. We again arrived, there was myself, my partner and one other lady. Just three of us in a huge room. The Yoga teacher still insisted on using a headset and PA system despite only three of us in the class. A massive room hired for just 3 students … again!

Recently I found a new Yoga class that was in a stunning room with 35 students, the class was OK. Unfortunately was just not qualified enough, and barely connected with anyone. I wasn’t going back!

I could go on but the one thing I keep seeing time and time again is …


Now being a huge lover of Yoga I understand you might not want any commercialization of Yoga yet also being a business person I understand that we all want to be paid for our efforts and works (even Yoga) after all who wants to pay out for a studio and all the other things involved in a Yoga studio only to arrive at the class with NO Yoga students?

Here’s The Opposite… And GOOD YOGA NEWS for You!

Finally I went to one Yoga class in the city of Manchester. I counted over 70 students in the room. Now it really doesn’t take being a genius to work out that class took the sum of £1,500 for the 90 minutes I was there. This class is run 3 times a day and is always packed. In fact there was a line going all the way outside.

  • They do this class 3 times daily
  • The class is packed (£1,500)
  • They open 7 days a week.
  • That’s a total of £31,500 a week.

That’s £1,638,000 a year TEACHING YOGA!

No wonder … they cover all the MUST-DO rules of marketing any business (and being a Yoga teacher is a business also).

More on about our story and why we feel passionate about giving every small business owner like you an opportunity to grow read our ABOUT page. 


I understand, you might be thinking…

  • I don’t like Yoga to be commercial
  • I don’t like Yoga to be seen as a business
  • I don’t like Yoga to be seen as a way to make profits

But …

I want my classes full so my students enjoy the class and I can share the power of Yoga with others.

I want my retreats to sell-out so I can help as many others as possible and create a new life with my yoga skills.

If you are thinking those things you are like most Yoga class and Yoga retreat owners and if that is you, you are in a dilemma because the fact is if you want it busy but are not comfortable with marketing … You will find challenging to run a healthy business.

It’s interesting when we look at one of the kings of global Yoga … CHOPRA … it is their intention to have their message reach one hundred million people.


They know that those kind of numbers will change this World. How does CHOPRA do that? Very simple, they do that using powerful, proven, ethical marketing that shares a message to mankind about Yoga and health.

Part of the Yoga Messenger training is to show you how to replace that mindset and create something that fits you perfectly. How to fill your classes and retreats yet feel ethically fine about doing that.



Not to long ago I got a call from a Yoga teacher, trainer and healer in Bali. She was having real problems filling her retreat. The price was $4,500 per head. We spoke for a while and she decided to work with me on her trainings.

The client wanted to fill the room with new students at $4,500.

We spoke and I then used what I know from my own skills in marketing to plan, re-plan, and fill her retreat. Linda took huge action and the result was amazing!

Our client eventually got her 11 students in her Yoga Retreat at $4,800 per head

That’s $49,500

There’s no need to ask if she could pay her rent of course and pay herself a nice wage for helping others!

Next season I helped her to put her latest training together. 15 students at $4,500 and I can tell you… it sold out fast (2 months prior event date)

That’s $67,500 teaching what you love

The system that was designed to pack the place still works today and the events sell out fast.









Ten New Yoga Students For One Studio Owner = €30,000

Yoga Teacher Training BusinessMeet Yoga studio owner and teacher, Christine yogawege

Christine is a founder and a leading teacher of the Modern Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna, Austria.

She first contacted me for the same reason everyone else contacts, on-going challenges filling training rooms.

After the first initial consultation with Christine, it was obvious she’d been making same mistakes most yoga teachers make in the yoga business – non-performing marketing… money spent in marketing with no results, expensive newspaper and magazine ads with not even a single enquiry. Has that happened to you?

Christine then invested in some consulting time with me. After speaking for a few hours, I decided we had to become a little more creative fast with Christine’s marketing and that’s what we did.

Fast-forward one month after her initial consultation, Yoga marketing and strategy shake-ups (all done within Christine’s modest budget) Christine’s teacher training bookings has started to take off, in February-March 2012 take she has welcomed 10 new students, and has launched a new Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School.

What you have to remember is that, to invest in Christine’s teacher training course €3,000 euros is required, or 10 Students – € 30,000, that’s really not bad for a new start-up school I think you’ll agree.

Christine continues worked with me directly and our YBA team of specialists worked on her business to help her maximize marketing efforts.

I can only see her Yoga business growing, growing and growing even more as she continues to listen, learn and apply her new skills in her yoga training business.

Number One Yoga Studio In Cardiff Wales…!

This is a true story of a real Yoga Business. Of a married couple that wanted to follow their passion and make a business while doing it. ashtangainfusion

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would!”

Here’s what happened.

Liz contacted Y.B.A. to ask for advice on a possible new Yoga business project.  Liz is a full-time, very busy housewife, mother and wife with a home to look after. Aaron was a full-time 8-6 worker with Yoga as a hobby and a qualified teacher.

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would!  With the website alone our inquiries have increased exponentially with the result that classes are filling up fast.  We are taking workshop bookings, have 2 overseas workshop inquiries, one booked another being organized now and have been approached for classes by a new yoga studio.”

We had no other option but to deliver fast results for them.

“I look after the girls during the day, then when they are in bed I work on emails, website updates, Facebook and workshops events whilst Aaron goes out teaching yoga! ”

And all this and I haven’t even done all the SEO optimizing techniques that you have taught us. Aaron is Blogging though and I love how easy these are for me to post and complete the SEO details increasing the ranking of our website.

It feels extremely exciting to be so busy with our own business, we are grateful for your help in creating a beautiful looking BLOG friendly professional website. I know there is much more for us to learn but I’m sure we made the right decision choosing YBA to help launch our business…”

Here’s part of what Y.B.A. delivered for AshtangaInfusion Yoga and I promise to share with you.

  • Consulted and shared ethical tactics and proven business strategies.
  • Created a new brand perception for their yoga business.
  • Built a brand new website (AshtangaInfusion).
  • Put the website to page one in all search engines so they get found easily.
  • Supported and guided them through their life change from regular worker to new Yoga teachers.

“Is it worth you investing in your yoga business marketing and guided consulting?”

One of my very successful client invested with us a lot of money to fill her Yoga Teacher Training.

You might be like my client and asking your new students to fly around the World to do a Yoga training over 22 days.

Now if you think filling one class with ten students is hard you should try filling a 22 day class with 15 students, yet when we applied good, strong Yoga marketing – the YOGA TRAINING went from not selling to Sold-out!

Was it worth it?

Think of it this way … you need to sell just TWO PLACES to get your investment back, THREE places to double the investment. With our client over the course of just over 12 months we sold 26 PLACES!

Total takings were well over $100,000.

Would you agree the results speak for itself?

Your Investment is just £2995!

If you are already running teacher trainings that is THE PRICE of one ticket, if you are running already retreats that is approximately 3-4 students in the room the first year, after that you would have the system to always pack yoga rooms.

“How much total budget will I need to run my yoga business?”

We believe start where you are and grow from there. This world is full of £100 successful start-ups, whether it’s £100, £10,000; £100,000 we can support it.

Any more questions? Please email us or complete the enquiry form here


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