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Crash Online Yoga Studio & Class Marketing

Practical Training How to Build new students using Google and Facebook Ads


This training course is now available online, listen, learn apply at the comfort of your own place and time.

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You will get 2 emails:

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  • Shortly after that, the 2nd email will follow which will contain links to the training webinar and handout materials. Please note, there might be a little delay until the second email is recieved.

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Location: Online Training Webinar

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Finally Yoga Studio Marketing E-course that will show you exactly how to use online studio advertising to build

students every month.

  • 6 hours of downloadable calls, transcripts & templates (3 hours live training, plus downloadable e-training to supplement the course)
  • Done for you templates to download
  • Listen as many times as you need at the comfort of your own time and place
  • Ask a question (even if you miss a session) and get detailed answers
  • Step by step guide, super easy to follow and do it yourself

With targeted online advertising you never have to wonder where your next clients are coming from even on quiet seasonal days.

If you are fed up spending money on ads that don’t bring you students, or if you are unsure how to start using online ads Facebook Ads; Google Ads or any other ads, this crash studio marketing course will help you generate 12 months of students, month after month!

Specifically designed to show you how to use online advertising to pack rooms, you will learn:

1. How to use Facebook Ads to generate clients:

  • Hundreds of new students: How to spend from only $0.01 to get your studio exposed to potential clients
  • Perfect studio ads that pack yoga rooms: How to create Facebook Ads for yoga studios and private classes
  • Irresistible yoga ads: How to write small yoga Ads to attract more students
  • Copy&Paste: Done for you small ads templates for yoga
  • Smart Phone Marketing: How to target people browsing through smart phones
  • Social Media Marketing: How to target clients when they are browsing through Social Media
  • Grab local students: How to promote local yoga business to the right clients
  • Generate more yoga enquiries: How to create a targeted call to action to engage and attract more clients

You will also learn

2. How to use Google Ads to generate clients from as little as £75 a month

  • How to set up Google Ads images that generates clients
  • How to set up text ads that will generate clients
  • How to re-target customers who are interested in yoga, health and well-being, and make sure prospects become clients
  • How to create small yoga studio advertising through Google Ads
  • Plus small ads templates for Google you can use to promote classes.

3. Plus get 12 months client packing template

It can be frustrating to come up with studio advertising ideas, having a monthly studio marketing template on your desk means you will never have to worry about knowing what to promote and how to market yoga rooms. Just follow the monthly guide.

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This training course is now available online, listen, learn apply at the comfort of your own place and time.

Location: Online Training Webinar

What happens after you purchase the course?

You will get 2 emails:

  • The 1st email will acknowledge your purchase;
  • Shortly after that, the 2nd email will follow which will contain links to the training webinar and handout materials.

See you on the other side


Tamara & Yoga Business Academy


How to Pack Yoga Retreats & Classes

Successfully Market Yoga Studio, Retreats Business, Training Courses. Suitable for new and growing yoga businesses, independent teachers and therapists.

This course is 2 days in length. It will provide you with comprehensive information you need to start, run and grow a successful yoga and holistic business. From building a clientèle to packing any yoga retreat and training, this training is essential for those looking to build a healthy, profitable business in the yoga and holistic industry.

You will learn how to:

  • Create marketing systems that will make your life a lot easier (more free time from admin, more students in the class)
  • Build and grow a database of yoga students
  • Brand your yoga business
  • Create multiple channels of client attraction systems (no big investments required)
  • Create a truly successful, and profitable referral system that actually works
  • Successfully maximize available budget and time (however small or big)
  • Leverage existing business data
  • Position your studio, retreats, and/or training business among growing yoga industry
  • Gain unfair, yogic, advantage over your competitors
  • Build profitable partnership with other businesses
  • Build and strengthen community bond
  • When to start planning yoga promotions
  • How to always pack yoga retreats and trainings
  • Redefine goals, vision and create a realistic plan you can manifest
  • Develop a system to convert enquiries into a bookings
  • How to never cancel yoga retreat holiday, or workshop.

Also discover:

  • THE ULTIMATE studio positioning guide.
  • IF you don’t want your studio to look like an empty room in a communal church hall, don’t make it look like one. The secrets to creating a sacred space in a massive room that every single student will fall in love with (no renovations needed).
  • Secrets to redefining your studio purpose and the creative yoga teachers guide to building a business with an IMPACT.
  • Why in this fast paced, image driven, and impatient generation of i-want-everything-right now, launching a purpose driven yoga services with best advertising practice will delight your customers and ultimately will help you create something that matters to your heart and your community.
  • How gentle, mind-set marketing will put you on the way to becoming a highly paid yoga teacher wherever you are.

Benefits of attending the training

  • No More Empty Yoga Mats
  • No More Cancelled Retreats
  • No More Quiet Studios
  • New Students
  • Filled Studios
  • Filled Retreats
  • More teaching, less admin

This training has been designed to give you the perfect mix of practical skills and knowledge that you will need to run a profitable yoga business, the skills that are usually not taught by teacher training schools.

About our training

Yoga Business Academy has been offering training workshops and consulting services to yoga businesses and independent yoga teachers since 2009. As an independent industry training facility we offer practical skills and tools to help increase profits through proven marketing designed specifically for yoga. Our training covers marketing yoga classes, starting a yoga business and marketing holiday retreats and teacher training courses.

About Trainers

Tamara Machavariani, please visit the page for more

Guest Trainer: Alan Forrest Smith, please visit the website for more

From the yoga mat to running a yoga business, our 40 years of combined experience of serving clients and helping businesses grow, exclusively within yoga businesses as well as outside the industry, we offer our students some of the best tools available in the market to help run a healthy, profitable yoga business.

The training course will run from 10AM till 4PM. We aim to limit our courses to a small group in order to ensure one on one time and attention.

Send us an enquiry please fill out the form, or call us on 07725103966

How to Successfully Grow a Yoga Business

2 Day Training

Early Bird booking £420 (SAVE £75) when booked before 15th June 2015

Regular price £495

When: September 18-19, 2015

Where: Manchester City, UK

Yoga Business Academy

Send us an enquiry

Book Here (early bird price until June 15, 2015)

“Tamara with your help I could see things clear enough to get started in a more confident way. As I am new in the city and new in the teacher´s training niche I lacked confidence in the positioning of my yoga training school, and overall how I did business in my yoga niche. But now I know that I can do it! What we did together people love and I don´t feel pushy anymore. Even though I live in a German speaking country the response is amazing. Thank you Tamara!” Christine, YogaWege

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  • Yoga Business Manual

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