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discovery day

Yoga Studio Profits Discovery Day (Free to enter)

YOU are invited to join myself and others at our monthly Enlightened Marketing (Try first week FREE with no obligation to sign up)

I’ve decided to make this offer based on multiple emails feedback from yoga teachers who wish to sign up for the monthly coaching, but have a fear of “if I work with you Tamara will it be worth it?”

I realised myself am I clear enough after all English is my fourth language, am I saying the right things to you?

Yet my results with my cleitns speak for themselves. Results such as turning one yoga businesse’s failing yoga retreat into a fully packed yoga studio in just 2 weeks.

A client who turned around her $400 consultation investment into $50,000 worth os sales in business.

How a new yoga studio instantly took 7 yoga workshop bookings, whilst in the past had to cancel due to lack of students sign up.

Results such as taking a business into a sellable business in just 2 years.

More stories are here

And because real results and success rate are dramatic I want to make you an offer that frankly you’d be crazy to refuse.

Yoga Studio Profits Discovery Day (Free to enter)

Dear Yoga Entrepreneur

I know like most Yoga teachers you do wonder why your studio lacks students in the room, despite all years of experience, qualifications and having some of the best yoga teachers on board?

One room I went to last week had just 3 stdeunts in a huge room, me and two others!

Or, do you simply wish to drive your yoga business forward and are unsure how? (or simple don’t have much time to focus on business)

You are invited to experience FREE, as ONE OFF opportunity, how having a professional one to one consultation can help you generate additional income fast, free up your time, so you can focus on what you are best at in your business (maybe you are a great creator, or course designer, or an inspiring teacher who just wants to deliver a great class to their students), refocus your attention where your money really is, and create abundant practice that you truely deserve for your hard work!

Also discover, How one yoga business turned around failing yoga retreat (despite the fact of investing hard earned cash for 6 months, with no results, and was due to cancel upcoming retreats…), and filled studio room to its full capacity in just 2 weeks.

Try our consultation FREE, with no obligation to sign up for further services if its just not right for you!

When time is limited, things has to change and change fast!

How does it work?
Join our one-to-one consultation discovery day FREE HERE. You will be instantly given instructions how to join and attend the call We will also ask you to send us some of your most important questions and challenges you would like to discuss with a consultant. Meet myself directly, your lead consultant, as well as our genius guest marketing advisor of Yoga Business Academy!

On a discovery day, there will be other participants, so initially everyone will be muted, but you will be able to still ask questions via chat massage (instructions will be sent) and at the end of the call you will have an opportunity to ask ANY questions you like about your business, or about consultation details live.

Will it be just an overview of your marketing consultation services or will I get a solid advice about my business too?
Both! At the end of the call I promise you wil have learnt valuable insights how to take your yoga business to the next level fast and easy, even if your marketing budget is very small!

Get all your questions answered and see firsthand, (and risk free), if we are a good match and most importantly ow you can generate more income with our one to one consultation help!

What happens after if I like to continue your marketing consultation services?
If you want to continue using our one to one monthly services no action is required from your end.

After the initial trial period your card will be charged automatically, and we will send you the details of how and when we will meet (phone or Skype).

Consultations are held once a week for 30 minutes, i.e. you will be entitled to 4×30 minutes consultations and an email support in between your calls.

What happens if this is not for me?
Simply cancel your membership, no problem, follow instructions.

What happens if I can not make a “discovery day” live?
We will send you recordings anyways, and as long as you email us your questions beforehand it will be answered as well, so you can listen at your time.

When is your next yoga studio profits discovery day?
Meeting place:
Fee: FREE to attend but must register, unsubscibe any time if this is not right for you.

No hype, no big promises, we are either a good match to work for each other or not.


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