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building yoga business and getting clients

More Clients, More Profits, Your Most Profitable YOGA Studio Ever!

Here’s Exactly HOW:


Dear Yoga Professional,

Do you need more clients, more attendees, more in your classes and more profits this year?

Living expenses, food, clothing, yoga studio rent, holidays, that and more risen or in some cases more than doubled in cost…VAT is just gone up and the new goverment is cutting almost everything.

There is a proven path that some Yoga and Yogis have already walked and will work for you.

Let me share a STORY of 2 yoga teachers.

Both teachers came from the same LINEAGE of YOGA, both certified from Internationally recognized teachers training schools, both dedicated to their students, and yoga!

Both still very much alike. Both successful and happy in their chosen path. Both wanted and craved a peaceful success they could share with the world.

One had a studio. It was busy enough to pay bills comfortably, and give her just that extra to manage most of the time. It was just OK but always felt like a bit of a struggle most of the time. She could mamange but only just!

It never gave her the security, the rewards that she felt due for the reason it was simply never busy enough. She always felt like she was under-charging for what everyone would always tell her was great service.

The other one was also successfully running a yoga studio that also paid well and gave her steady financial security. Her studio was always busy, any thing from 20 students on a slow day and 75 on a regular day. This gave her rewards and a lifestyle that helped her to continually give back to the world.Her struggle had gone, her life of sharing was rewrding her back in plenty.

What was the ONE difference?

It was the way they MANAGED their YOGA BUSINESS.

The first teacher was constantly worried how to fill out her studio with students, how to sell workshop tickets, and although the results were satisfactory, there was a constant worry and a feeling of burn out end of every week. Do you feel like that?

The other one seemed to never worry about clients, she always had a long waiting list for her next workshops and retreats which were always sold out at least 6 month in advance!

What DO YOU REALLY THINK Made Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes the difference in people’s lives or in this case – the difference in the Yoga practice above?

It is NOT the particular style of yoga they teach, after al lthey taught the same style of Yoga, it is NOT that one person is more dedicated than the other, it is NOT that one yoga business wants to have more clients and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in the amount of information each has taken in to make sure they are using proven to work, already walked, blueprints, paths or guidnace … THIS IS WHAT effortlessly attract more yoga clients.

Its how to effortlessly create a BUSINESS MODEL that has clear, precise, proven and thorough plans of simple step by step actions with steps to follow.

The single most thing that can easily transform your Yoga business is this…

“Yoga Business Blueprints & Easy-to-Follow, Step by Step Guide to Attracting More Yoga Clients?

Doesn’t designing a Yoga practice that makes your life experience more peaceful and easier sound attractice?

Do you think that having a system that is aligned to your lineage will allow your business side of yoga to run much more smoothly and free from headaches, so often related to randomly run business that is just hoping it gets busy at some point?

I Have Good News For Yoga Teachers.
I have here and would like to share with you the kind of knowledge and tools that only successful yoga teachers have been using that allows them to never worry about attracting the amount of clients they desire at no extra cost or time.

It’s the very same kind of things you have seen the likes of Deepa Chopra and his healing centers utilize time and time again.

If you are a Yoga Teach, this is an opportunity you really cannot afford to miss out on.

The All New: Yoga Business Building Blueprint!


The newYoga Business Building Plan is probably the the worlds most dedicated, and the easiest yoga marketing, that always gives practical, brand new guides, tips and resources.

How: The Step by step guide

    •  How to increase your yoga client base, market yoga studio, and advertise yoga retreats.
    • How to at least double your clients next year than you did in theyear before.
    • It is the only yoga business building plan that requires NO previous business experience, NO real capital to start, and NO extra time required!

The use of good knowledge is power, don’t you agree?

The World’s Easiest Yoga Marketing Guide is HUGE…

It guides you with all the important steps, you need to increase your yoga business by at least 33% this year. Could you use an increase of 33% in your Yoga practice? Would you like the tools that the busiest and most successful Yoga practices are using right now? Is this an opportunity staring you in the face that your Yoga practice cannot afford to miss out on?

  • Ask yourself: Can you run your business much longer the way it is going right now?
  • Do you need more students into your practice?
  • Would you like to be booked up for months in advance?
  • Would you love to see your phone being blown off the hook with registrations?

It’s a simple choice for you really and I am about to make it even easier.
Whatever you invest into this Yoga Blueprint today I want to make you this promise. If you don’t get this small investment back within a few days and as long as you promise me you did try, just ask for a refund. I know this works, I also know it waorks for those that have already paved a way in the Yoga business for you to follow.

So … Try it by downloading and gaining instant access to this full, easy to use blueprint for Yoga teachers like yourself.

Here are visual representation of SOME bonuses


Let’s go back to the two yoga teachers I told you above. They were both certified teachers, both wonderful, both loved by their students. So what made their lives different in yoga business?

  1. Proven Knowledge.
  2. Proven Strategies.
  3. Proven Tactics.

I’m sure you agree the results spoke for themselves.Which result would you like THIS WEEK?

Your Investment In Success!

Read, Listen, Apply, Watch the Business Grow Week by Week


I hope you feel as excited as I do for this wonderful prosepct of a busy, profitable Yoga business like yours. I want you to know you can email me from our website at any point after you order. We can talk on skype also. This is exciting, I’m excited for you.

After you oorder you are taking directly to the download page in seconds. Now finally may I ask a small favour from you?

When your results start to flow in (and they will) can you email me your success story please. It’s my mission to help as many Yoga teachers like yourself help you heal the world. With profit and without more clients that isn’t possible.

Yoga changed my own life, I know it also changed yours otherwise you would not have read this page.

Order right now below, lets do this mission together and make a huge difference.

Again… Download is instant, check your email right after you order.


Yours in a beautiful, wonderful, spiritual more serving yoga practice.

Tamara Machavariani, Founder of Global Yoga Business Academy

PS. GUARANTEE: BTW If you don’t like what you see ask for 100%
Money Back Refund. In other words there’s NO risk!

PPS. Some of our client testimonials

“Dear Tamara
Thank you again for yesterday.

I came away from our session with a really clear sense of the next small but fundamental next steps I need to take for my yoga business to develop on track. Thank you for your clarity and expertise, and for your commitment to helping me, not least of which being the extra time you spent, which I hadn’t expected, and which I certainly felt made all the difference to me leaving with something concrete.

sincere thanks again!

“Hi Tamara,
Wanted to say thanks for a great seminar, it was really well presented, there were some interesting people and I came away with lots of enthusiasm!”


I’ve really enjoyed your seminars and feel they offertons of helpful advice.


a very big thank you again for Sunday Seminar. It wasAMAZING. I now have lots to do!”


“Dear Marketing Mentor Tamara,
I thought you would be pleased to see how far my friend Gemma Hannah has gone with your teachings since she attended your workshop at Amrita TTC. I too am following in Gemma’s footsteps, Thanks so much Tamara!”


“Hi Tamara,
Thanks for the workshop yesterday, Ilearnt a lot and will certainly want to take it further ie some of your other workshops. It inspired me…

Once again, thank you so much.


“Hi Tamara,
Just wanted to say thank you for Sunday –very inspiring! and much appreciated

Thank you.

(our new site will be online by Christmas with our new audios (yoga classes, meditations, music, online courses etc) so your lecture was VERY timely.”


“It been agreat guide,

I have just started of the process of starting my business…

Thank you!”
~ Mandy~

“Tamara fantastic!
Exactly what I need right now! I have a website, but did not know how to optimise…I can confirm I get a very good response from clients…look forward to put all tips in practice!”

Vesna Flo
Qi Trainer and Energy Healer

“Hi Tamara
Just wanted to let you know I have applied the strategies you taught me for my website to increase ranking in Google… which gave menew paying customers for my yoga retreats.

I also started to earn money through a website which I have never thought it possible before”

Margherita Dal Pra

“Dear Tamara
Iappreciated last Sunday’s seminar as I had not thought of Internet marketing in the way you mentioned. This year I have spent money on postcards which I delivered through people’s doors and also on an advert with So far nothing has come from this (rather ill-thought out) marketing technique. I was impressed when you said you must know you are guaranteed a return …

Anyway, good luck with everything and thanks again Yours in yoga”


Everything you have given so far is extremely valuable and helpful. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. ”

Giselle Toner
Power Fusion Courses

“Hi Tamara
Your book is very interesting and helpful.

At present I am changing gear so to speak with my teaching and therapy as I intend to teach one day workshops rather than evening classes, so I am slowly digesting what you say in the book and making plans. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

best regards,

“Hi Tamara,
Just wanted to let you know, I’ve followed your marketing advice, it really helped me tore-position my swimming business, win old clients back and keep them coming back for more. Thanks for great advice”

Alexandra Nindl


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