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Yoga Website FREE Online Marketing Consultation

WhyBuild Website Yourself When You Can Do What You Are Best at and Leave the Rest to Experts?

Yoga Business Academy websites (YBA_web) ia all about YOU getting more clients in your yoga and spiritual business through online web.

It is the only all-in-one service that delivers thriving yoga businesses. No other purchase is necessary. Everything is included.

YBA_web is all about giving you a ready e-business, not merely site-or-blog building.

YBA_web is also all about allowing you to focus on what you love – teach yoga – whilst we deliver a profitable website that you need in order to get clients.

This is the single biggest difference between YBA_web and every other product or service.

Yoga Website Service

Having a website or a blog is not a business

Building a yoga website is easy, but how do you position your yoga website amongst 20 million + yoga teachers online needs more than just building a site.

Yoga e-business VS Yoga Website or Blog

There are three steps to successful yoga website:

You have to build a website that gets you targeted visitors to your site.

You then have to give your prospects a reason to buy from your yoga website.

Finally you have to deliver within the SALES materials whether it be long or short advertising letters and graphics through your website.

Why most Yoga websites don’t get traffic and why they fail to bring paying clients in?

FREE Yoga Website

Sadly most yoga websites have no online strategy behind a website, as a result there are no visitors, no enquires and not enough sales coming in. Does it sound familier?

And frankly you should not be “doing” websites, do what you love and are great at, leave the rest to experts, it is much cheaper and involves less frustrations.

As yoga business consultants when we help yoga businesses we help all the way. Meaning we don’t just build a website, we create whole new business with proven to work marketing strategy that works in yoga market today.That is why we are consultancy for yoga.

We Build Your Yoga Website

To get a quote and discuss further details, please EMAIL US and request a call back, or fill our CONTACT US FORM!

You will receive instant confirmation, after which we will contact you to discuss further details.

Your FAQ:
Q: Can you really help to place my yoga website in top page of Google?
A: Yes, we will optimize your website and show you how to maintain easily your website ranking to achieve similar results like ourselves at Yoga Business Academy, simply put your website can be number ONE in Google search, i.e. more visitors to your site, hence more sales in your yoga business. See an example of our own web page position in Google below.

Google yoga website

Q: What if I am not happy with results?
A: If you are not satisfied we offer full 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy, neither am I. Simply ask for the money back.

Q. How long does it take to get a brand new website up and running?
A. We deliver within 2 weeks or less. and Afterwards it takes another 10 days or so until final touches and changes are made, but your website can go live in just 2weeks.

Q. I already have a website, do I need a new one?
A. It is up to you, if you are happy with the traffic and enquiries than you are better off keeping your old website, if you feel you need more traffic and a professional look, than we suggest a new website.

Q. I’ve heared many companies offer yoga websites, what is the difference?
A. It is your choice who you choose, but we are primarily yoga business consultancy and all our websites are built with business strategy that works in yoga.

Q. What is NOT included?
A. Domain name and hostin is NOT included.

Annual Cost for domain name is usually around £7. And monthly cost for hosting is usually around £4-5. We will send you detailed instructions how to register and we will also recommend a domain name for your business.

Q. I already have a domain name, does it mean I have to get a new one?
A. We can easily transfer your domain into a new hosting account.

Q. How much is my new website investment?
A. You really have to contact us first, as depending on your requirements price will vary. To CONTACT CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form.

To Your Profitable Yoga Website
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy
PS. Some of Yoga Business Academy happy customers


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