More Clients, More Profits, Your Most Profitable YOGA Studio Ever!

Here’s Exactly HOW:

Dear Yoga Professional,

You’ve got to have more money this year – Living expenses-food, clothing, yoga studio rent, holidays have doubled or more than doubled in cost…VAT is just gone up …

There is only one way you can do it – and that is by using ALL of your abilities 100% – instead of the 10%, 25% 0r 50% used by 98% business owners out of 100.

Let me tell you the STORY of 2 yoga teachers.

Both teachers came from the same LINEAGE of YOGA, both certified from Internationally recognized teachers training schools, both dedicated to their students, and yoga!

Recently in a beautiful sunny beach of South India both teachers rejoined.

Both still very much alike. Both successful and happy in their chosen path.

One of them had her own studio, busy enough to pay bills comfortably, and enough one on one clients that paid her well.

The other one was also successfully running a yoga studio that also paid well and gave financial security.

But there was ONE difference, and it was in the way they MANAGED their YOGA BUSINESS.

One was constantly worried how to fill out her studio with students, how to sell workshop tickets, and although the results were satisfactory, there was a constant worry and a feeling of burn out end of every week.

Whilst the other one seemed to never worry about clients,
she always had a long waiting list for her next workshops and retreats which were always sold out at least 6 month ahead!

What DO YOU THINK Made Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes the difference in people’s lives? It is NOT the particular style of yoga they teach, it is NOT that one person is more dedicated than the other, it is NOT that one yoga business wants to have more clients and the other don’t.

The difference lies in what each business owner knows how to effortlessly attract clients, how to build a BUSINESS MODEL that has a clear and thorough plans of step by step actions and how to make use of that knowledge…

“Yoga business plan and step by step guide to attracting clients?
Does not it sound boring?”
Does’t designing your ideal practice sound like fun?

Don’t you think that having a system that is aligned
to your lineage will allow your business side of yoga to run smoothly and free from headaches, so often related to randomly run business?

And that is why I am writing to you, to give YOU the kind of knowledge and tools every successful yoga teacher has been using that allows them to never worry about attracting the amount of clients they desire at no extra cost or time.

Is that what you’d like?

Here is What is Included in New Yoga Business

Step by step guide

  • How to increase your yoga client base, market yoga studio,
    and advertise yoga retreats.
  • How to at least double your clients next year than you did in the
    year before.
  • It is the only yoga business building plan that requires NO previous business experience, NO real capital to start, and NO extra time required!

Building Plan!

 You see the new Yoga Business Building Plan is the the worlds
most dedicated, and the easiest yoga marketing, that always gives practical, brand new

The use of good knowledge is power, don’t you agree?

The World’s Easiest Yoga Marketing Guide is HUGE…

It guides you with all the important steps, you need to increase your yoga business by at least 33% this year.

Will you CLAIM this incredible offer?
Will you grab this opportunity to maximize your yoga business?

Get into the insights into how consumers are thinking and spending.
Save over $300 today! Receive FREE giveaways!

Let’s go back to the two yoga teachers I told you above. They were both certified teachers, both wonderful, both loved by their students. So what made their lives different in yoga business?

Proven Knowledge. Proven Strategies. Proven Tactics. I’m sure you agree the results spoke for themselves.

Your Investment In Success!

Read, Listen, Apply, Watch the Business Grow Week by Week

Yoga Marketing Guarantee

Order Yoga Business Building

Yours in yoga
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy

PS. Remember, if you don’t like what you see ask for 100%
Money Back Refund. In other words there’s NO risk!

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Yoga Business Manual

  • Yoga Business Manual

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