3 Questions to ask before planning yoga retreat advertising (part I)

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hammac-150x150A rising number of people are booking week-long yoga retreats escape before traditional holidays in order to get rested ahead of the festive season (Source: Southall Travel).

With the rising yoga market yoga entrepreneurs are under pressure to meet the demand, especially that many yoga teachers report, paid and “free” advertising has gone over the roof, without sufficient return¬† on investment.

In times like this it makes sense to have a well-prepared yoga retreats marketing plan. Because the truth is, marketing has always worked and will continue to deliever results, i.e. bring clients, WHEN planned correctly.

Answering 3 simple questions when planning to invest in your next yoga retreats advertising will save you both, frustrations and dollars!:

ONE: Know the numbers!

Many companies, including holiday opeartors and magazines promise great results if you advertise through their “email newsletters”. Whilst this can work wonderfully well, make sure to do the following statistical checks.

  • How many people targeted people advertisors have on their email list? Obviously make sure you know exactly how many people advertising company has on their list, and if they are targeted people. In other words if you are planning a yoga retreat, you don’t want to advertise amongst golf fanatics.
  • What is their “Opening rate” of the email promotions? In other words your message may go in front of 1000 people, but if the opening rate is only 10% your message really appears in front of 100.
  • How did similar past promotions converted with proven numbers? Find out how similar previous campaigns converted. In other words, how many people typically takes up the offer, i.e. if out of 100 people that sees your message and only 10% makes an enquiry, this may or may not be good for your ROI.

If the company can’t provide those numbers that is usually an indication that advertising campaign is not measured, and obviously there is no guarantee that your investment will pay off.

Find out how you can easily turn every interested prospects into happy yoga retreats clients in part II.

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