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For just a moment, let’s forget about marketing, social media, flyers, and all about do this and the other.

After all, with so many tips and how to to everything advice, not only it is easy to get distracted, but if we all sat to read books and manuals, we would be killing the economy.

Let me tell you a story of Alexandra. I’ve known Alexandra for a long time time, she has been (and still is) a swimming instructor for years in London, but about 3 years ago, she made a decision to follow her heart’s new calling and study to become Alexander Technique therapist.
Like most yoga teachers and therapists, she too had to invest considerable amount of money, as well as time and energy into her education. She has loved it though and felt the investment was more than worth it. But then she had to go out in the world and start earning income doing what she had been longing to do – help people heal through Alexander Technique.

She rang me and we arranged some consulting time to help her get started in her new business.

We spend about 90 minutes or so going through the aspirations, goals and how to start earning income from her new profession.

What you have to remember is, Alexandra’s budget to market her services was extremely limited, so was her time (she still teaches swimming full time). She did not have a website, a business card, a flier or anything else that could have been used to promote her business.

Nevertheless, after about 3 weeks or so I received a text message from Alexandra that said… “Looks like I got 3 clients, thanks for your advice, speak soon!”

I was so thrilled, because I knew she’d clearly done it without any major marketing materials, websites or experience, but at the same I was not surprised, because Alexandra was determined to JUST DO IT.

You see, often it’s easy to get carried away with perfections and making sure every details is ready for the business launch, so much that one can forget the most important ingredient of success is to stop reading, stop messing around and just do it.

Here’s how we helped Alexandra:

1. We created a clear plan and a goal she could focus on. In Alexandra’s case she thought having 4 clients would be ideal way to kick start the business and start earning good money.

2. We then discussed and devised a pricing plan and packages she could offer to potential clients.

3. Because the cash to invest in the marketing materials were limited, (neither did she have time to build even a basic website) we shared with Alexandra how to use creative imagination to promote her new services, with little more than through targeted partnership that we helped her to create with other businesses.

(There is an art in seducing others to promote your services when done it right, in fact most businesses will be happy to promote your services on your behalf.)

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4. We also showed Alexandra how to create basic advertising flyers that would actually attract potential clients.

5. Through those simple efforts, within just three weeks, Alexandra had secured four initial potential customer bookings. Prior to the initial contact with potential customers, we spoke on the phone, and advised Alexandra how to effortlessly and easily convert prospects into clients (there is a way to do the easy selling).

6. What happened next is rather encouraging, Alexandra was thrilled when 3 out of 4 prospects became her first customers, we all thought, here at Yoga Business Academy that the results were fabulous.

Of course this is just the start of a new journey and eventually Alexandra will be doing more of marketing and working on her business to ensure she can enjoy doing what she loves and earn a great living at the same time, but it has been a great start.

So the secret? There is no real secret, except just do it. In the beginning all you may need is a dedicated vision and the ability to maximize every resources that you have at your desposal, you may only need a phone to start with.

I hope this little story has inspired you.

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Yoga Business Academy


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