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Yoga TeacherEver convinced yourself “had to do studio marketing” and without giving much thought transfered hard earned cash into media institutations – yoga magazines, radio or expensive online advertising? to find out that you only made media rich, spent all your resources and were left with little but nothing?

When it comes to studio marketing, very few understand the purpose behind running an ad. Your studio advertising has only one task – to stimulate direct response in a form of direct inquiry, sales call, visit or instant sell. No other result justifies for paying money in advertising.
Yet, most studio owners would hand in cash to run an expensive ad,  blindly hoping to see customers coming in and out as long as the money is spent. Why is so?

Its not all bad of course, your studio advertising can be measured  and monitored to see if it is going to produce desired return on investment. SO let’s take a look.

There are TWO type of yoga ads:

ONE: Institutional – non effective, non-trackable, non-measurable and consequently not effective, and

TWO: direct response ads, that are designed to produce instant desired response from your yoga prospects.

The difference is simple…institutional ads are not designed to track and measure, it only has one (not too helpful I would say especially if you are running yoga on a shoestring) purpose, to put your studio name in front of mess public.

On the other hand direct response yoga advertising, asks the reader to respond in any way, either call, make a booking, enquire, visit or buy instantly. It can be tracked by coupon, special promotional code or any other means.

Having a well designed, and thought through direct response ads will stop you from burning cash into unknown, because you can measure whether or not your yoga promotion ad is effective. After all if ad is not bringing you yoga students for the dollar amount of your cash invested, you might as well stop running.

Advice? Until you understand the purpose of an ad and how to construct and run the entire studio, or complete yoga book ads campaign, hold on to throwing cash away. You will see how in our future blog posts, but if you want an answer right now, how to make the most from your studio ads investments, just get in touch, email or submit a form from below.

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Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy

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