I love Google and I’ll share why

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Let’s crush and try to humiliate those who contribute to the welfare of our communities and the economy, shall we? That sounds really sensible.

I like to pay taxes, not because I can’t wait to part with my cash, but because I enjoy the benefits of good infrastructure,  “free” healthcare systems when I need it, the defence systems that finances 007s who would risk their lives to save mine, I am still uncomfortable with the amount of taxpayers cash that is allocated to the benefits system, but I also have a choice to vote, so life still remains balanced and fair.

While today’s FT headlines reported Google’s deal for back taxes, while some have been labelling them “immoral” (probably by those likely to Google everything from Google itself to Curry recipes…) I love Google and I’ll share with you why.

I know a small business who last year alone turned over £1.2million plus in business using Google advertising alone.

  • The business that would not exist if it was not for Google
  • 12 employees that the business employs that would be out of jobs if it was not for the business generated by Google
  • 12 families that would not be able to pay mortgages, bills, rents and send kids to school if it was not for Google business

Last year another our client turned over £2million in total revenue using digital advertising including Google

  • Business that would not exist if it was not for Google
  • Mortgage free living that would not exist if it was not for Google business.

Countless yoga retreats, studios and small yoga businesses that would become almost none – existent if their businesses
were suddenly out of Google search network.

  • Countless of yoga holiday retreats that would be cancelled if teachers could not reach students around the world.
  • Millions and millions of people would not enjoy benefits of quick yoga tips if they were not listed on YouTube, and other Google networks.

Who creates wealth if not wealthy?

  • Not only Google hires over 2000 people in the UK headquarters (that is 2000 people paying bills, and enjoying the employment in really cool offices), but they also inspire and help start countless of small to medium businesses in the UK through Google’s advertising network.
  • The same small to medium businesses that account to 40% of UK’s total turnover, that would be struggling to keep the doors open if their businesses were not found on Google.
  • I agree with Eric Schmidt with the claim “We empower literally billions of pounds of start-ups through our advertising network and so forth.”

And apart from the business, and the economy…

  • I love that I can Google the best yoga studios when I am in New York
  • I love I can Google the distance between London to Manchester
  • I love that I can Google “how to start a hat shop” and find answers
  • I love that I can Google the best coffee shop in a strange city
  • I love that I can Google & find cheap flight deals
  • I love Googling the stories to discover who stands behind Ethiopian coffee bean and the origins of Made in England merchandise
  • And not to mention the future benefits of the R&Ds invested by Google in the science and technology so we can all live in a better world…

Democracy is good, among other benefits it entitles us to the opinions but I wonder how many of the opinionated would stop using the benefits provided by Google?

Thank you Google, I shall take with me “How Google Works” when I am on holiday next week in Georgia 🙂


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