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When we are not putting yoga articles together, researching or working with businesses we daydream about new business concepts. It’s easy to get “stuck” doing what we do, having creative ideas can feel refreshing, inspiring and you never know where your next business or the idea of launching a new service can arrive from.

If the thought of starting something new inspires you, we’ve come up with 15 steps involved from the idea to celebrating your first success:

1. Inspiration

The idea or two can help sparkle the inspiration to get started, be it a new yoga pop-up that sells everything blessed, or the greenest chai shop on the planet. Nothing new but something that people like to have is a good start.

2. Details

Have a plan. A pen and paper is all you may need and might be just enough for scribbling down initial plan of action steps. From start up costs to earning above break-even, thinking through the details is definitely part of the journey.

3. Research

Test the waters before you jump, double check the reality and the validity of your ideas, pricing, the details you will need or won’t be needing. Get an opinion from somebody who will be honest to you.

4. Decision and Commitment

Once you feel good about the plan, decide and commit. You will have a long journey ahead of you, having mental commitment will be required.

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5. Investment

Be realistic about what you will need. Research funding availability and start small, something you can manage.

6. The art of simplicity

Don’t over complicate and don’t kill the idea with lots of other ideas, keep things simple, in the beginning you may just need a smartphone to run your business.

7. Tools

You’ll need something to get you moving. Keep your priorities right, from having the website to investing in a comfortable chair choose the tools of business carefully. Everything you use and touch should inspire your creativity not annoy you.

8. Support & collaboration – be part of something

When you have those feeling low days, been part of a support group, whether it’s within your community or having access to like minded people will help you recharge your energy and will aid you to keep the perspectives right.

9. Marketing and self-promotion

From the flier and company font, to websites and PR stunts, choose a marketing plan that will work for you. Be ready to self-promote your ideas and business because in the beginning noone else will.

10. Consistency

Whatever you do, working though clients, selling products or working on your daily marketing to do list, be consistent, it’s better to do bad and consistent marketing than good and once in a while marketing.

11. Mentors and guide

When the going gets tough and you just can’t get all the answers you need, investing in good mentors who understand your problems and can offer solutions will help you overcome almost any obstacles. So don’t hide in the dark, keep searching for help.


12. Reinvestment and expansions

Put your money back in business. Your business is your employer, it works real hard to support your lifestyle, don’t cut the life-line, keep topping up and look ahead in the future.

13. Etiquette and values

Be nice to people, take time to understand your customers and partners deepest desires, cultural backgrounds and the way people with diverse background like to do business. Goes without saying, building relations is always a priority.

14. Reflections

Remember how you arrived where you are. Remind yourself about your company’s heritage and remain true to it’s core values. Stay real and share your story.

15. Celebrations and recharging

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of new business, don’t forget to celebrate, from public holidays to self established holidays, take time to unwind, recharge, rest and relax, and don’t forget to tap yourself on the shoulder and say to yourself “well-done, I’m loving what I do”!

Good luck!

Tamara Machavariani


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