Search Engines and Yoga Studio Marketing

How To Get Your Yoga Studio On Page One Of Any Search Engine & easily Turn every prospect into paying Client!

Grab The Two Part Training Course on The Buy Now link or Read The Page Below To Be Sure …

Just how do you get your yoga website to …

  • Page one on most search engines
  • Designed to sell
  • Masses of traffic
  • Converting visitors into buyers
  • And appear like a huge studio chain by using the web?

It’s really easy – When you know how.

I’ll show you exactly how to get solid positions like these …

Look at these shots from my yoga website.

Keyword: Yoga Business
Search return: 174,000,000
Position: Number one, and three page one

Keyword: Yoga marketing
Search return: 77,500,000
Position: Position one, and four page one

Keyword: yoga teacher training business
Search return: 2,400,000
Position: Position three, page one

Keyword: Teacher training
Search return: 40,400,000
Position: Position eleven, page one

Keyword: yoga studio
Search return: 21,500,000
Position: Position three, and four, page one

Keyword: yoga studio marketing
Search return: 3,200,000
Position: Positions one, three, and four, page one

Keyword: yoga websites
Search return: 33,300,000
Position: Position five, and six page one

Keyword: yoga
Search return: 33,300,000
Position: Position eleven and twelve, page one

The fact is finding your business the old way is dead. Yellow pages and anything else made from paper is absolutely dead.

Nearly ALL your clients find you via a search engine, most through Google!

As you know your clients no longer need to use a PC, they simply get their smartphone from their pockets, open an app and hit go.

So the bottom line for you is, if you don’t have a decent listing on search engines, you are invisable to your potential clients.

Get Your yoga Website On Page One of Most Search Engines

It’s really not hard, when you know how

However …

  • There are trade secrets that never age
  • There are new ideas, tips, strategies that should be avoided at all costs
  • There are also new things you must do
  • There are easy to follow techniques that almost anyone can do
  • There are strategies that you cannot afford to miss out on

Bottom-line is for you, the yoga studio owner you must be able to show your business online otherwise your lost in space – literally!

And if you don’t maintain the simple search engine tips … Google or other search engines will drop your site like a bomb!

Yoga Marketing Search Engine Course

It’s a simple two part course.

Part 1.

Laying the groundwork so Search Engines love your holistic website

What you need to know:

  • A studio owners guide to how a search engine works
  • What search engines want from your website
  • The only reason a search engine will list your site
  • The biggest reasons search engines done and won’t list your website
  • Client mindset
  • What are Keywords
  • What are Keyphrases
  • How to use keywords and keyphrases
  • Domain name choice
  • Domain hosting
  • Your Design
  • Your layout
  • Website Navigation
  • Content
  • What goes where
  • What to say
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Words
  • Things to avoid
  • How much to pay
  • Who to ask
  • Finding a good web technician
  • Geting started
  • Your 12 part check-list

Part TWO:

  • Going live
  • Getting listed
  • Tools worth knowing about
  • People worth knowing about
  • Checking your website fits like a glove
  • How to test and perfect for search engines
  • How to get listed fast
  • How to get listed daily
  • The secret SEO list that you must do daily (takes 10 minutes)
  • How to advertsie your website
  • Where to advertise your website
  • How I keep my own websites on page one weekly
  • Five tricks you can use this week to generate

There will be more, there always is.

This two part Yoga Marketing Course special will be delivered to you online. All you have to do is sign up, login and listen.

  •     Replay the videos at any point at your convenience
  •     Transcriptions of the call will be available.

The web is the new media and now the first point of contact for any studio or yoga teacher. Can you afford to be invisible when your clients type in yoga studio in your town or city?

After this two part course I promise you’ll know everything I know about mastering search engine positioning online.

Grab a place below right now.

What happens after you order? You will get a notification that we recieved your order, we will then email you the links to the course, simple.

Yoga Business Academy
Head Teacher for this course,
Tamara Machavariani
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  • Yoga Business Manual

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