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Same studio website more sale

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“We don’t want your business” … Is what you are saying if your yoga website turns prospects away…or 5 myths to check if your studio website is sinking.

Yoga website myth 1:
“If I build a yogic looking website they will come”
Fact. Although having a nice, clean website is important, it means next to nothing as to why customers will want to buy from you. Have you mapped out your online marketing when you built a website?

Yoga website myth 2:
“If I pay an SEO guru and get lots of traffic to my website, I will have a lot of clients in my yoga studio.”
Fact. It does not matter how many people visit your website, what matters is the conversion you are getting from your traffic efforts.

Check your online statistics, and then see in relation to traffic how many times phone rings with a new enquiry every day, week and month.

Yoga website myth 3:
“If they like it they will come back and enquire.”
Fact. It takes planning beyond yoga website design to give people reason to pick up a phone and call. And if you don’t know what it means, hire an expert in online marketing. Always ask for real success proof though.

Yoga website myth 4:
“I don’t have a budget for the website and marketing I will just put up something via cheap, or even better free yoga websites.”
Fact. Whilst sometimes it pays to create from whatever we have at hand, it can cost you thousands in dollars and frustrations not to invest in professional looking website that also gets a click.

Yoga website myth 5:
“I don’t want to sound like I am selling from the website.”
Fact. Your prospects are searching for the specific service and product that you have. That is why they found your website in the first place. Which means if you don’t offer what prospects are after, somebody else will. Sales pitch is nothing but giving information to clients about your yoga products and services.

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