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22 March , 2011 yba (0) Comments

Dear yogi and a friend of holistic healing

Speaking the truth is theoretically encouraged under spiritual industry “authorities”, (including yoga business and yoga marketing).

But the most from the same industry dare not speak publicly about the priceless information of your infinite possibilities to creating a balanced and profitable career in yoga.
Yoga Marketing

Yes I used the almost banned word … ‘Profitable’! Shocking right!


It appears vested interests will do ANYTHING to prevent powerful. life-transforming, business breakthrough information from reaching YOU because it used words like ‘profitable’!

MY OWN EXPERIENCED FACT IS: Some “yoga industry representatives” lately have banned some simple truths about having a healthy, successful yoga career.

Strange when you can easily read online the same 6 billion-dollar industry (profitable) wants to hide from you …new opportunities for turning dreams of having prosperous yoga business into realities.

Which raises the question ?

Is it unpardonable to claim from the same “representatives” on behalf of YOU that yoga teachers don’t need financial security? that yogis need not look into marketing of yoga?

And now, these claims raise a further question:

Can spiritual business be ‘profitable’ or even should it be or is there really a need a discipline that means we have to run a practice without any sense of business?

So – Are spiritual businesses making profit and marketing like any other businesses?

In recent interview Dr. Deepak Chopra clearly stated his target to spread his message in front of 100 million people.

Taking Chopra centre as an example, the question is, can Chopra Centre spread the wonderful healing power, so many thousands and millions continue to enjoy without financial profitability?

Can Chopra LTD afford to streamline messages via Chopra Radio free, podcasting, interviews, speaking, travel and more or offer free life-transforming meditation challenges?

Take a look at the marketing side of Chopra, email messages, perfectly scripted advertising web graphics and campaigns?

Was this an accident? Did the universe simply provide or is it calculated?

Would they be in business, and heal so many people day after day, week after week without financial profitability?

Impossible right? Yet the only way Chopra and many like them can spread their powerful, transforming message is by creating a profit otherwise how would anything get paid?

And this is just one example out of so many the most spiritually awakened individuals and organizations that succeeded in transforming the humankind through the power of marketing.

So let me ask you a question…

At your yoga class what do you expect your student to achieve after the yoga class?

For example, is it a better health and more balanced peace of mind?

Because if you achieve this then you are the kind of yoga teacher in your community that spreads healing power day after day.

But if you can’t pay the studio rent on a Saturday morning, and can’t maintain classes, then you become the weak link of your community, unable to spread the magic you have.

You are simply a link in a chain. You can be weak (no profit) or a powerful link (in profit and able to share your message)

This section is about awakening a much bigger consciousness. The consciousness you need to spread the message.  I want you to see a bigger much broader picture. There is a scripture that says … ‘healer heal thyself’ … if you create no profits you feel in pain and un-healed. If that’s the case you cannot heal others. Agreed?

This message is about the truth, and it is about getting real in a world that needs paying for. Just ask the Chopra centre.

And it’s a reality that magazine advertising will cost you on average £500? Local news papers, fliers, websites … all cost money!

Is it a reality that end of every month YOU need to pay studio rent?
How about the reality of raising cash for new mats, blocks, blankets etc to supply your students?

And do you have to enroll at least 5 to 7 students at yoga retreats to break-even the costs?

Do you have to re-invest in your further education and self development?

The list goes endless

Should you feel guilty about marketing a spiritual business while 6 billion dollars are spent on yoga services and products annually…

17% annual yoga growth rate

Is yoga a business?

For yoga to help heal a world in pain you must have one thing … PROFITABILITY … otherwise no one will hear your message, you become a weak link!

…You are WELCOME to comment, share and enter the debate

This is definitely for YOU if you can handle the truth, and wish to know more about the powerful information that has been banned from you, the information that can enrich your life to a complete new level.

Tamara Machavariani

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