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Dear yoga teacher

Thank you for joining the training.

How to use Google Advertising in your yoga and holistic services to grow business – Part 2

Please see the link to download the video. You will also get a link directly via your email.

If you have any problems accessing it let me know please

There is a small technical issue couple of times as we were recording live 🙂 it should not affect the training but if you are unclear on anything do let us know.

For Power Point presentation, please click below link

Yoga Business Academy training Part TWO

As well as an additional bonus from our previous training session, but all relevant for this training, so please take time to go through them as well.


Presentation_traffic and conversions in the Digital Era

What to do next?

There is a lot of information, please go through and make notes.

You don’t have to do all the same time.

You may only want to spend entire month on getting comfortable with one way of promoting
the business through Google, and then move on to another.

It’s more important to start, and start small.

Do make notes of anything that may not be clear, both technical and non-technical,
and email us so we can help you move smoother with the process.

Look forward to hearing from you

How to use Facebook Advertising in your yoga and holistic services to grow business – Part 1

Your training video is below, you will also find the Powe Point Presentation and bonus materials.

What to do next:

STEP ONE: Set aside time to watch the training

STEP TWO: Make notes and follow the instructions

STEP THREE: Create your first Facebook Advertising promotion. Please note, start small, start with the basics.

You may only want to start with one small advertising and that is all you may want to do for the rest of the month. It’s more important to get started than get overwhelmed.

Use enclosed small online Ad samples – change according to your business needs.

STEP FOUR: We have included additional bonuses below, they are all relevant to help you get more clients. Please take time to read through them and start applying to your business.

Yoga Business Academy Training Part 1 – How to advertise your yoga and holistic services using Facebook Advertising – CLICK HERE

Note: This is privately shared video for the participants only.

Power Point Presentation – Click Here

For small advertising ideas CLICK HERE

For 12 months promotional ideas CLICK HERE

Unannounced bonuses: 

  • Your 5 step system to getting yoga students in your classes fast
  • Your guide to digital planning checklist
  • Your guide to yoga studio promotion schedule

To Access above CLICK HERE

Look forward to hearing from you




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