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Brand New Yoga Business

Y.B.A. Successfully Serving the Yoga Business Community Since 2008

Brand New Yoga Business Transforms The Lives of Ordinary Husband and Wife, Liz and Aaron

Namaste friend,

This is a true story of a real Yoga Business. Of a married couple that wanted to follow their passion and make a business while doing it.

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would!”

Here’s what happened.

Liz contacted Y.B.A. to ask for advice on a possible new Yoga business project.  Liz is a full-time, very busy housewife, mother and wife with a home to look after. Aaron was a full-time 8-6 worker with Yoga as a hobby and a qualified teacher.

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would! With the website alone our inquiries have increased exponentially with the result that classes are filling up fast.  We are taking workshop bookings, have 2 overseas workshop inquiries, one booked another being organized now and have been approached for classes by a new yoga studio.”

We had no other option but to deliver fast results for them.
“I look after the girls during the day, then when they are in bed I work on emails, website updates, Facebook and workshops events whilst Aaron goes out teaching yoga! “

And all this and I haven’t even done all the SEO optimizing techniques that you have taught us. Aaron is Blogging though and I love how easy these are for me to post and complete the SEO details increasing the ranking of our website.

It feels extremely exciting to be so busy with our own business, we are grateful for your help in creating a beautiful looking BLOG friendly professional website. I know there is much more for us to learn but I’m sure …

we made the right decision choosing YBA to help launch our business…”

Here’s part of what Y.B.A. delivered for AshtangaInfusion Yoga and can deliver for you.

Consulted and shared ethical tactics and proven business strategies.

  • Created a new brand perception for their yoga business.
  • Built a brand new website (
  • Put the website to page one in all search engines so they get found easily
  • Supported and guided them through their life change from regular worker to new Yoga

I knew they could do it because when you use  a softer more yogic approach to marketing it works.

Would you like Y.B.A. to give you results like that for your Yoga business? We help you …

  • Create wonderful advertising that works.
  • Fill your yoga retreats at home and abroad
  • Yoga Direct Mail
  • Yoga Internet Marketing
  • Yoga Magazine Campaigns
  • Yoga TV Ads
  • Yoga Radio Ads
  • Yoga Social Media
  • Yoga Branding
  • Yoga Positioning
  • Yoga Mastermind Experts
  • Yoga Consulting
  • Yoga Presenting
  • Yoga Training
  • And More …!

All our work is in complete harmony with everything your clients want from a Yoga practice. We should know we ourselves are Yoga fanatics. Ultimately we help you build a real lasting yoga business that will support you, your lifestyle and clients needs.

Would you like a FREE 10 minute phone or skype evaluation?

Asking us to help get your Yoga business packed is very easy. Simply click on the following link, fill out the short form and we’ll do the rest.

Team Y.B.A


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