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YBA Tamara Machavariani

Healthy Business, Healthy Energy.

Yoga Business Academy (YBA) offers a unique, down to earth approach to guiding how to run a healthy, profitable yoga business.

Created in 2009 the original Yoga Business Academy had the only mission, to show small yoga business owners and independent yoga teachers how to pack classes and run successful retreats and workshops anywhere in the world.

By supporting small yoga business community our aim has always been to help passionate yoga teachers spread the benefits of yoga. We believe every yoga teacher is a Yoga Messenger, spreading the good vibes of the yoga community, and it is our mission to provide support through that journey. When the business is in the healthy flow state, it is possible to express creativity, expand and grow and help others transform lives through yoga.

Our experience, guides and services

Today our methods provide proven ways to helping and guiding studio owners and teachers grow client base and increase sales in the most fastest, economical and convenient way possible.

All our methods are based on ethical business principals, helping you realize your goals and get closer to your dreams. We strongly believe business should be fun, the most enjoyable and satisfying experience, but it should also help you freely pay bills, send kids to school, enjoy sunny yoga days and feel financially secure.

All our guides, tools and methods are proven and tested on real yoga teachers and studio owners. Carefully crafted for yoga professionals, we provide down to earth approach that are easy to understand for any small business owner.

E-Learning courses;

E-Learning will give you an opportunity to learn vital studio and class marketing skills you can apply to your business at the comfort of your own time and place. Skills you acquire are practical and easy to use. They are designed to provide access to the trainers, so you get a chance to ask your yoga specific questions and get tailored solutions to your problems by experts.

How to guide – Downloadable ebooks;

We provide guide that shows specifically

  • How to pack yoga rooms
  • Sell out retreats
  • Create profitable marketing systems in yoga

All YBA products are carefully designed to help you

1. Save money, time and frustrations
2. Generate money in the studio fast
3. Build loyalty among staff
4. Build loyalty among students

In addition guides are

1. Easy to follow – step by step guide
2. Done for you systems that is easy to replicate
3. Updated frequently at no extra cost
4. Instant downloads & ability to listen to the recordings anywhere, anytime

YBA Training & Events

We offer live training events as well as online training events and they are all designed to help yoga businesses get busy.

All our live events take place at our dedicated training space at
Yoga Business Academy Loft Space in Hale, South Manchester, Cheshire.

We offer 2 live training events:

  • How to always pack yoga retreats & yoga rooms INSIGHT day

One day Masterclass

  • The Ultimate yoga business training Bootcamp

Two-day training Bootcamp

Yoga Messenger & Mentoring Guide;

The ultimate guide for the next generation of yoga professionals – how to always pack yoga rooms 

Yoga Messenger gives you the ability to share & spread the word about yoga while earning a great living teaching what you love.

Yoga Messenger is the definitive guide and mentoring to help pack yoga rooms, retreats, holistic services. A bespoke program to help you become a better, stronger more powerful Yoga Messenger within your community and the yoga community.

This training and mentoring course is designed to ensure that everyone that should know within your community knows you are there and ready to help them live a better life through yoga and holistic services. The Yoga Messenger mentoring program is for you if you desire to share more of your own passion but also want to have vital tools that will give you practical abilities to grow yoga students, fill yoga retreats, sell out workshops and always have bums on mats.

It can be challenging and disheartening to have yoga retreats cancelled, or only a handful of students turn up in the class. We understand that yoga rooms need to be paid for and deposits to host retreats must be paid for. If there are no students booked in that can be devastating. Often lack of students is the result of not having the definitive guide how to get busy.

The Yoga Messenger will give you the skills, tools and easy to follow system of eliminating empty yoga rooms problems. And if you are already busy it will help you grow your classes, retreats and trainings even more.

Yoga Messenger is ideal for any aspiring yoga teacher, independent yoga teacher who wants to earn a great living, for a yoga studio owner or a manager who wants to see the rooms busy with happy students, and for holistic service providers who want to see appointment books busy and booked up.

We offer 2 basic choice of Yoga Messenger program:

  • 12 Weeks Yoga Messenger program – The ultimate guide and mentoring to pack yoga rooms, retreats, holistic services and become a Yoga Messenger to the world while earning a great living teaching yoga
  • 21 Day Yoga Messenger FIX – The fastest, the easiest, the most intense way to fix empty yoga room problems

Why  Consulting & Mentoring?

Have wise council. There is no replacement to having mentors who have done and faced the similar challenge that you are facing, and have proven track record of providing solutions.

When things look tricky or need someone to help you get to the next stage of your business development it’s good to have someone who can give you very honest, informed solutions that can save you time, money, frustrations and at times save your business and life.

The Result: You will enjoy running a healthy, profitable yoga business. No more cancelled retreats, workshops and empty yoga rooms.

A little history of YBA manifesto

YBA has always written and offered guides about small business world, running them well and profitably. We did because these were important to us as well.

When YBA was first launched we were ourselves fresh start up with an idea that it was possible to create a life and business according to your own terms and make a great living doing what you love. So as we started sharing the experiences and the lessons learnt in business we also had to prove that it was possible to be small, independent and profitable at the same time.

As the time went on, we had to make lots of decisions as we have gone from working exclusively with yoga businesses to expanding to various industry sectors, but always serving small business communities, supporting their organic and healthy growth.

We believed when one was ready they would find us and hopefully our guides would provide the answers to the challenges or questions they sought. So we kept refining and evolving what we offered and who we served. We kept tapping into the minds of other successful
businesses and their experiences to bring the most up to date and relevant message to our readers and clients.

Most importantly we had to work on developing and recreating our small brand while staying true to the core of our belief. In other words, we know quite a lot about the decisions that small businesses often have to face, through our own experience of running business in the front line we are able to offer proven strategies, tools and encouragement that is much needed for small business owner.

All of that have happened in the interesting time period. Especially after the worldwide financial crises we have seen the spring of new independent businesses, and a whole new wave of yoga entrepreneurs who are in tune with themselves and choose to live the life according to their own calling rather than being confined by the convention of the corporate world and other people’s expectations.

We also noticed that as more became qualified yoga teachers, more challenges new teachers faced as many were unable to freely enjoy their passion due to lack of healthy business cashflow. We started noticing common challenges such as often empty yoga rooms, cancelled yoga retreats and rising frustrations as some studio owners were unable to pay rents, many were forced to close down. So we realized we had a responsibility to offer and share our experience of running healthy business more than ever.

When we first started educating the industry of running a successful yoga business, the yoga industry was turning over a massive 6 Billion dollars, today this number is $20 billion and growing.
With such impressive numbers, we still wonder how is it possible that some teachers still have to close studio doors?

That is when we realized that for every yoga studio that we help to grow, it means at least 5-10 more people could be kept in employment, pay mortgages, send kids to school and live a successful, happier life.

More yoga businesses we help we contribute to the welfare of our communities, cities, villages and countries. We at Yoga Business Academy believe every small yoga business success creates the ripple effect that creates and builds better, stronger communities and nations at large.

By supporting yoga teachers run profitable businesses we also help business owners to work in the inspiring environment and enjoy the work they do, if your business is doing well financially and you are packed with happy students you will be freer to express your creativity and tap into the intuitive energy that can naturally guide you in your path, simple.

And that is why through YBA we have been creating the hub for yoga businesses to tap into the wealth of experiences of successful studio owners & teachers, tools, advice, and strategies that will help every yoga business transform their small business.

All information through YBA is to be applied. Our tools and solutions are for established businesses who want to evolve, as well as for would-be yoga teachers and aspiring studio owners. But don’t expect management language and corporate speech, nor miracles of fast riches. Our manifesto is quiet, and about doing things with integrity, doing them well, at times saying uncomfortable truths and hopefully with some humor.

YBA manifesto

1. Where you are is good

Whether becoming a yoga teacher is your first professional experience or you are making a transition from a corporate world start where you are. This world is full of examples of people who made it after MBA or simply worked their way up from the shopfloor. Your attitude and the ability to be open to the ideas, and challenges is more important than your previous experiences or lack of them.

2. Service and making things is important

Teaching yoga is a serious business, offering yoga merchandise and even making them is even better. The world needs small entrepreneurs, people who create jobs, services that help and heal people, from the local community to the global world we are all connected and the impact we will make among our communities will have a greater, positive impact to the world around us.

3. People care about values

More than any other time, people care about supporting local businesses and want to understand the origins of things. Taking pride is local values and being able to explain where the yoga mat comes from is important.

4. Stay local, employ local

Outsourcing has it’s place but we like local. Employ people from your city and pay decent salary. You may not need staff today but as things evolve you may find the need for the local talent.

5. People need people

Community spirit is important. Take your private business to the public. You may not be a social butterfly but people perform better when they can exchange ideas with each other and engage in good conversation or even a hot debate.

6. Remember what people want

What your clients want and need is different from what you may be thinking they need. You may be thinking your customers want to see the light in the meditation but in reality, they may need to loosen up tight hamstrings to start with. Craft your message for the right audience.

7. Be firm but flexible

Have your own rules, but be flexible. Bending tree does not break in the wind.

8. Expand your horizon

From travelling the world to tapping into inspiring minds on Ted, it’s more fun and interesting to expand and grow even beyond your profession. There is a wealth of untapped energy that can be positively used in your business.

9. Remain up to date

We don’t walk around in robes anymore, embracing the 21st century will make life easier. Be open.

10. Design inspiring space

People love going to “the space”, the space that creates an atmosphere of coziness, homeliness is the space they can’t wait to come back to. You don’t need to be an interior designer genius,
browse for some inspirations on Pinterest if you are short of them, keep the studio space clean and free of clutter. Same applies to your own office whether working from a bedroom or have a luxury of working from the large offices create a space to thrive and grow.

11. Respect the lineage

Whatever you believe in, wherever you come from, stay true to yourself and your core values. you will never go wrong.

12. Build to last

Build a business that will last. If you build it with a vision to last for the generations, it is likely to be stronger, you will take it more serious and the results will be more beneficial to you and people you serve. Pop up businesses have the place but they too need to be built to last. Time for the family-run yoga business?

13. Work hard, work smart

Nothing ever happens without hard work. That does not mean exhausting yourself, but you have to be willing to put hours, time and trust into business. Nothing ever got built without strong work ethics. There is more to building a profitable business than chanting and meditations.

14. Be realistic

Too many expect unrealistic results fast. Be realistic in your appraisal and have realistic goals and visions.

15. Your business your rules

Ultimately this is your business, your rules, but it makes sense to have standards, from looking professional to answering emails in a professional manner.

Some facts for the curious…

Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia

2001 moved to London, UK in 2001

2005 Graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Westminster Business School.

Fun and rewarding financial career days in the City of London.

2009 Yoga Business Academy was born

Featured in BBC Radio4; Yoga&Health Magazine;

Running lots of live training events for yoga professionals in London

2011 Moved to Manchester, UK

2015 Married a writer and a partner in business Alan Forrest-Smith

2016 New Yoga Business Academy HQ Loft Space is opening its doors soon.

2017 New Ways to Connect through Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s been fun so far


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